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The purpose of the Student Handbook is to provide information on all aspects of student life at Moore College of Art & Design. Included in the Handbook are the College’s calendar for 2019-2020, a directory of administrative services, an explanation of the College’s administrative services and resources, College policies, academic policies and regulations, leadership organizations and other opportunities for students, residential life and housing policies, and the resources in the local community.


It is the responsibility of Moore College of Art & Design to formulate the policies and regulations contained in the Handbook. These policies and regulations govern the relationships of all of the College’s constituencies. By enrolling in Moore College of Art & Design, students agree to subscribe to the rules, regulations and policies found in the Handbook. Therefore, it is very important that students familiarize themselves with this material.

The Handbook is based on the most current information available at the time of publication; however, policies, regulations and procedures are subject to change. Whenever possible, students will receive notification of changes either through an e-mail or at the registration period following the change. Once changes in policies, regulations or procedures are published, students are governed by them rather than by the ones that might have been in effect when they originally matriculated at the College. Therefore, students are advised to verify that the information in the Handbook is current by contacting the appropriate College office. The Handbook is not a contractual or legal statement. The Dean of Students oversees the preparation of the Student Handbook, which is edited by the staff in Student Services.