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To deliver a rich, interactive learning experience for students enrolled in our BFA and Graduate courses Moore Online uses Moodle and Adobe Connect.

How Do I Access My Email and My Online Course?

New students will be sent their login and password by the admissions office. This login information can be used for both your Moore Email account and Moodle.

Your Moore email account is the primary form of communication from the College, so get used to checking it regularly to be sure you don’t miss any important information. But first, let’s make sure you can access your inbox. Just follow these simple step-by-step instructions:

Go to and click on Resources For... on the upper right-hand side of the homepage and select Current Students from the drop down menu. Choose Moore Email Login from the list. Choose Moodle Login from the list. Enter your Username and Password.  (New BFA students will be assigned their Username and Password by the Admissions Office in early June)

Once you’ve logged in you will find an email from Student Services that has all of your log-in instructions to Moodle.

It is important that you check your Moore e-mail account as this will be used for all course correspondence other than information that is posted in your Moodle course. You should check your e-mail before your course begins.

So... What’s Moodle?

Moodle is an online learning platform, which means it’s where you will communicate with your faculty for each class you take each semester. It’s also the place that we in Student Services have put your New Student Guide. The New Student Guide (NSG) is everything you need to guide you through your transition into Moore. It has all of the information and tasks that you need to complete before your arrival in August.  

In Moodle, you will:

  • Join your community of Moore colleagues to discuss your program, upcoming events and more.
  • Join your classmates in a course site specifically designed to support your online class including document postings, class discussions in threaded forums, live chats, internet activities, video and online testing.

Instructions for Moodle Log-in

  • Go to
  • Click on “Resources for” in the upper right corner
  • Click on “Current Students”
  • Click on “Moodle Login”.
  • Enter your login ID and password in the login panel and click “login”.
Login Moodle

Find more tips on how to use Moodle by logging into our Moodle tutorial titled, “Online Classes Tutorial for Students” 

Difficulties Accessing Email or Moodle
If you experience any difficulties accessing E-mail or Moodle, please contact the staff in Student Affairs for assistance or Slade Roff at 


What Software/Hardware Do I Need?
Though you are able to access Moodle through other resources like your tablet and smart phones, you should expect to use your laptop to complete many of your assignments.
Depending on the use of streaming media, interactive multimedia, or other content in
individual courses, you might need additional hardware/software or browser plug-ins, such
as, QuickTime, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player and Java.

All first-year students are required to purchase Microsoft Office 365 University, and encouraged to purchase an Adobe Creative Cloud Membership. All students choosing to purchase a Windows laptop will also be required to purchase Symantec Antivirus for Windows.

Ultimately, you are responsible for getting your work in to your instructor on-time in usable, appropriate formats. If you are having technology issues, you are not excused from turning in your assignments and your grades may be affected.  

How Can I Get IT Support?

Submit a ticket here if your instructor can't resolve the problem. Typical response time may be up to 48 hours on business days. 

Can I Buy Books Online?

Moore College of Art & Design does not maintain an online or campus bookstore. Textbooks are available through local bookstores and from a number of online sites. For a list of local bookstores which includes their address, phone number and web site, please refer to the Community Resources section of the Student Handbook. If your course requires a textbook, faculty will post the requirements on their syllabus that is on the Course Home Page in Moodle.

The College may choose to order art supplies at a considerable discount for first–year students; the cost will be part of the students’ fees, and the supplies will be distributed at Orientation. Art supplies are also available from the local art supply stores that are listed in the Community Resources section of the Student Handbook. 

Connelly Library Resources

Connelly Library supports the educational curriculum and goals at the Moore College of Art & Design. The Library provides broad coverage of art history, theory, criticism and the practice of fine arts and design, while also supporting art education studies and the liberal arts.

Connelly Library provides access to materials and resources to assist Moore students in their academic studies and studio practices. The library also provides students with a computer lab and an Audio Visual Department where you can borrow AV equipment, laptops and cameras.