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Copyright and Citation:

Whenever a student takes an idea from a publication or the Internet or uses the exact words of another writer, the source must be cited appropriately. Citations should be in APA format for Art Education classes and Chicago Style for all other classes. Go to Connelly Library for more information.

Materials on the Internet are copyrighted and have the same rights as do traditionally printed materials. There are public domain materials available, however, that can be used.

(Check out: for terms of use)

Under Fair Use Guidelines, portions of some copyrighted materials may be used briefly within an academic term for educational purposes, such as to complete assignments. However, they may not be free to copy or keep indefinitely without payment, license, and/or permission from the copyright holder. To do so may be a copyright infringement.


Electronic Submission of Assignments:

All assignments must be submitted electronically by 11:59 pm of the due date. Moodle has an uploaded file size limit of 64mb for all file types.

Assignments should be saved according to the following Moore guidelines:

  • Word processing documents should be saved as .doc, docx, or pdf.
  • Slide presentations should be saved as ppt or pdf. Save as 97-2003 version
  • Images should be saved as jpeg .png, or .pdf unless directed otherwise by your instructor. (files scaled to a maximum of 2100 x 1500 px, (5 x 7 in)
  • Uploaded files should not be more than 20 megabytes. Size photos to 72 dpi for screen viewing and embedding into other documents (Word, PowerPoint etc.)
  • If file resolution needs to be high for reproduction/critique purposes, they can be zipped or delivered via Dropbox, CD-Rom or USB Flash drive.
  • Videos should be saved as mp4 or mpeg files scaled to 640 x 480 px
  • Please adhere to the following naming structure: Your Name – Course # - Week # - Assignment Name. For example, JaneSutton.AEGR600.Week3.FinalPaper.doc


Assignments are designed to help the students apply the knowledge they have gained to their own classrooms. Discussion Forums follow each weekly topic to create a classroom community of reflection and comprehension.


Course Procedures:

As an online course with a minimum requirement of 2 logins a week, the specificsof assignments will be released throughout the semester.  Each week there will be a combination of reading assignments, discussion forums, video links, and/or podcasts to view. To receive full credit for online discussion threads you must make 2 quality posts by Sunday at 11:59 of each week. A quality post is something that directly answers the question, responds to other posts, spurs further discussion amongst the group or offers new information to help educate the entire group.

For example:

“I agree with what everyone else is saying.” is NOT a quality post. but

“I agree with your statements regarding use of tablets in the classroom.  In my school we are currently required to implement tablets with our fifth graders.  I am struggling with what apps to use. Does anyone have any suggestions?”


“I agree with some of what has been said, but when researching apps for use in my classroom I found that app X was excellent for use with 3rd graders, but seemed to immature for my older students.  App Y was more engaging for my 7th and 8th graders.”

are both quality posts


Student Verification Policy

Upon enrollment at Moore College of Art and Design, each student is assigned a unique student identification number.  In turn, students receive a unique username and password for the Moodle Learning Management System, delivered to their Moore College student email address so that they can securely access their online courses.