When Apr 21 6:00 PM

Find fluidity past insecurity. Sensual Flow will get you out of your head to return to your body. Join us via Zoom for this gender-inclusive offering that fuses jazz, Afro-Caribbean and burlesque dance. Sensual Flow is open to all bodies that desire to connect with their femme. Attendees will leave invigorated with tools for self-care, self-reflection and a deeper connection to their own rhythm. This practice is strictly for pleasure and the release of inhibitions, allowing us to reconnect with our vessels. Beginner-friendly and taught by a queer femme instructor.

Raylá Meshawn is an educator and dance instructor who uses sensual movement as a mode of healing. They are a non-binary femme artist. Hosting workshops and classes centering feminine healing, Meshawn advocates for survivors of sexual violence and serves as an ally to sex workers.

This event is free and open to the public.