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Online Study

Online classes at Moore enable students to study anytime from anywhere. Moore online study provides students with visually rich interactive learning as they draw resources and real world examples from the Internet. Online credit classes comply with college academic guidelines and policies.


Students use a standard Web browser such as Safari or Chrome to enter the classroom, in which instructors post lectures, provide resources, ask and answer questions, assign projects, and assess progress. The class holds discussions by posting comments and responses online.


All of the student services available to Continuing Education students on campus are also available to online students


Students learn to navigate the online classroom, gain familiarity with online communication, and get a sense of the dynamics of online interaction as the course begins.  If you are experiencing technical or hardware issues, submit a ticket here   Notify your instructor with difficulties within your course. And don’t forget to Google it. You can find many answers and solutions on the internet.

Online Class Schedule
Online courses run in weekly modules. During the first few days of the quarter, students learn to navigate the online classroom and receive basic guidelines for posting and communication. Your instructor will post weekly assignments and resources for you to access every Monday. Assignments and discussion forum thread posts are commonly due between the following Friday or Sunday at 11:59 pm.

Orientation for Online Study
On the Friday before the quarter begins, you will be sent all the information you need to login to your course for the first time. There you will find orientation information, including a Welcome Message and Introduction from your instructor. You will also be able to navigate through Class Announcements, Course Q and A, Course Syllabus, and other information posted by your instructor.