Be prepared to find a rewarding career path in the fashion industry as an independent provider of custom apparel directly to clients or as a professional in the area of technical design within a fashion company. Study begins with the development of an understanding of design in dress and leads to a translation of that knowledge into each phase of apparel creation, illustration and production. Courses provide intensive, practical training in industry-standard techniques and culminate with the development of a sophisticated portfolio showcasing marketable skills.



Focused on creating fashion from concept to finished product, this track develops the key skills needed to excel in such areas as private studio work serving individual clients, theater costume design, and custom bridal businesses.



  • Fashion Design Essentials
  • Fashion Textiles
  • Fundamental Sewing Techniques
  • Digital Design for Fashion
  • Construction & Flat Patternmaking I
  • Advanced Sewing Techniques
  • Construction & Flat Patternmaking II
  • Fashion Studies: Advanced Projects



Prepares students to join the technical design team of a fashion company with the skills required to collaborate with design, sourcing and production groups ensuring the integrity of a garment’s design in terms of look, fit, and feel in the finished product.    



  • Fashion Design Essentials
  • Digital Design for Fashion
  • Construction & Flat Patternmaking I
  • Advanced Sewing Techniques
  • CAD for Patternmaking
  • Construction & Flat Patternmaking II
  • Advanced Digital Design for Fashion
  • Fashion Studies: Advanced Projects
  • (Program prerequisite: Fundamental Sewing Techniques or equal skills)



Enroll in individual courses according to your interests or complete all eight to earn the certificate. Courses do not have to be taken in listed order provided prerequisites are met. It is recommended that students who wish to complete a program in one year contact the CE Department for advising on how best to sequence courses.  Dual Certificates may be earned by completing combined course requirements.




Each Fashion Studies course meets from 6:30-9:30 once a week for ten weeks.  For the specific schedule in a given quarter, please review the appropriate catalog or contact us directly.


Fashion Design Essentials

EVFT110 $980 2 Credits
EVFTA110 $750 Noncredit
Offered Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer Quarters

This course addresses key foundation skills needed for success in all areas of the fashion world. Topics cover analyzing fashion trends, forecasting consumer demand, understanding garment construction techniques, and interpreting the styles of distinguished designers. Hands-on projects include building a fashion line, choosing a target market, creating a mood board, developing fashion sketches, and presenting a cumulative final project that can be used in your portfolio. No prerequisites.


Fashion Textiles

EVFT112 $980 2 Credits
EVFTA112 $750 Noncredit
Offered Fall & Spring Quarters 

This course provides a comprehensive overview of textile materials and the textile industry with an emphasis on understanding fiber performance properties, fabric construction, and functional and aesthetic finishes. Topics include the creative use of fabric in clothing design, fabric sources, how to fabricate a line, how to produce a fabric storyboard, and how designers sample and buy fabrics. Characteristics of a wide range of contemporary materials, elements and techniques are covered. No prerequisites.


Fundamental Sewing Techniques

EVFT114 $980 2 Credits
EVFTA114 $750 Noncredit
Offered Winter & Summer Quarters

Students are introduced to a variety of industry-level clothing construction techniques including hand stitched and machine sewn seams, seam finishes, and hems. Seams include the quarter double turn, French, flat fell, crack stitch, basting, and blind stitch. Construction skills include facings, buttonholes, zippers, darts, waistband applications, and pressing techniques. Students become acquainted with selvage, grainline, shearing, and pleating. Projects include completion of a shell and a skirt. Access to a sewing machine to complete work between class meetings is required. Class size is limited to 12. No prerequisites.


Digital Design for Fashion

EVFT109 $980 2 Credits
EVFTA109 $750 Noncredit
Offered Winter & Summer Quarters

Students in this course gain a foundation in the tools and features of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for producing digitally-rendered fashion designs. The Photoshop component includes scanning, editing and composing fashion drawings while exploring options for the instant production of varying colors and patterns. The Illustrator component develops skills for creating industry-standard artwork and flat design drawings of garments with customized color palettes. No prerequisites.


Construction &
Flat Patternmaking I                            

EVFT102 $980 2 Credits
EVFTA102 $750 Noncredit
Offered Fall & Spring Quarters

This course introduces the fundamental principles of clothing construction and flat pattern method of pattern making. Construction projects include garment planning, preparing garment pieces, assembly, unit production, and evaluation. Participants learn to draft basic patterns from body measurements and principles of pattern manipulation to manage fit, quality, and performance. Emphasis is on techniques for flat patternmaking and garment construction essential for developing expertise in apparel construction and technical design. Class size is limited to 12. Prerequisites: Fundamental Sewing Techniques or equivalent skills (see course description for specific skills) and Fashion Studies Foundation (or Fashion Design Essentials).


Advanced Sewing Techniques

EVFT214 $980 2 Credits
EVFTA214 $750 Noncredit
Offered Fall & Spring Quarters

This course is designed for students who are accomplished in essential sewing skills using professional techniques. Building on the basics, students learn complex construction skills and develop advanced techniques currently used in the fashion industry to produce professional quality garments. Skills are taught through a combination of samples and finished fashion garments. Access to a sewing machine to complete homework is required. Class size limited to 12. Prerequisite: Foundation Sewing Techniques or equivalent skills (see course description for specific skills).


CAD for Patternmaking            

EVFT103 $980 2 Credits
EVFTA103 $750 Noncredit
Offered Fall & Spring Quarters

This course provides hands-on experience in computer-aided patternmaking with a focus on its creative potential and industry-standard techniques. Participants develop flat patterns using state-of-the-art software that advances skills in patternmaking, markermaking, and grading. Projects focus on digitizing, creating block patterns, using X and Y grading, and setting up size range rule tables for advanced pattern development. Students create size layouts for cutting and use a plotter for printing final patterns. The Lectra/Modaris system is taught in a PC lab. Class size limited to 12. Prerequisites: Fashion Studies Foundation (or Fashion Design Essentials) and Construction & Flat Patternmaking I or equivalent skills.


Construction & Flat Patternmaking II

EVFT202 $980 2 Credits
EVFTA202 $750 Noncredit
Offered Winter & Summer Quarters

A continuation of Construction & Flat Patternmaking I, this course is designed to develop advanced skills essential for apparel construction and technical design. Garment development by the draping method is included. Projects emphasize professional quality construction techniques and advanced principles of flat pattern design to maintain garment fit, balance, proportion, and design integrity. Class size limited to 12. Prerequisites: Fashion Studies Foundation (or Fashion Design Essentials), Construction & Flat Patternmaking I, and Advanced Sewing Techniques or equivalent skills.


Advanced Digital Design for Fashion

EVFT209 $980 2 Credits
EVFTA209 $750 Noncredit
Offered Fall & Spring Quarters

Focusing on the tools of Adobe Illustrator, participants will learn to produce professional quality vector format fashion drawings. The pen tool will be used for drawing designs freehand and for tracing hand-drawn designs and scanned surface textile designs and photographs. Color tools will be explored for creating customized color harmony palettes and design ranges in multiple colorways. Projects incorporate methodology used by designers to produce fashion boards and custom branded templates for presentations. Class size is limited to 15. Prerequisites: Fashion Studies Foundation and Digital Design for Fashion (or Photoshop & Illustrator for Fashion).


Fashion Studies: Advanced Projects

EVFT210 $980 2 Credits
EVFTA210 $750 Noncredit
Offered Winter & Summer Quarter

This course enables technical design and apparel construction students to create a professional portfolio reflective of every phase of product development including patternmaking, construction, fitting, technical and creative skills. Projects are geared to individual interests and include creating original artwork to develop design concepts and specifications for a targeted market. Participants acquire a range of resources and presentation skills for the professional articulation of ideas. Class size is limited to 12. Prerequisites: Fashion Studies Foundation (or Fashion Design Essentials), Photoshop & Illustrator for Fashion (or Digital Design for Fashion), and Construction & Flat Patternmaking II