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Fashion Production & Technical Design

Program Information

  • FALL QUARTER 2018: October 1 – December 6, 2018     
  • WINTER QUARTER 2019: January 22 – April 1, 2019
  • SPRING QUARTER 2019:  April 15 – June 20, 2019 
  • SUMMER 2019: July 8 – September 12, 2019 

Whether you want to design your own collection or work for a fashion company, this program will teach you how to manage the process of developing a fashion product along with the hands-on technical design skills required for measuring, constructing, fitting and determining quality standards.


Enroll in individual courses according to your interests or complete all eight to earn the certificate. Courses do not have to be taken in listed order provided prerequisites are met. It is recommended that students who wish to complete a program in one year contact the CE Department for advising on how best to sequence courses.  Dual Certificates may be earned by completing combined course requirements.

Course Descriptions

Each Fashion Studies course meets from 6:30-9:30 pm once a week for ten weeks.  For the specific schedule in a given quarter, please review the appropriate catalog or contact us directly.


EVFT110 $980 Credit
EVFTA110 $750 Noncredit

This course addresses key foundation skills needed for success in all areas of the fashion world. Topics cover analyzing fashion trends, forecasting consumer demand, understanding garment construction techniques, and interpreting the styles of distinguished designers. Hands-on projects include building a fashion line, choosing a target market, creating a mood board, developing fashion sketches, and presenting a cumulative final project that can be used in your portfolio. No prerequisites.


EVFT114 $980 Credit
EVFTA114 $750 Noncredit

Students are introduced to a variety of industry-level clothing construction techniques including hand stitched and machine sewn seams, seam finishes, and hems. Seams include the quarter double turn, French, flat fell, crack stitch, basting, and blind stitch. Construction skills include facings, buttonholes, zippers, darts, waistband applications, and pressing techniques. Students become acquainted with selvage, grainline, shearing, and pleating. Projects include completion of a shell and a skirt. Access to a sewing machine to complete work between class meetings is required. Class size is limited to 12. No prerequisites.


EVFT103 $980 Credit
EVFTA103 $750 Noncredit

This course provides hands-on experience in computer-aided patternmaking with a focus on its creative potential and industry-standard techniques. Participants develop flat patterns using state-of-the-art software that advances skills in patternmaking, markermaking, and grading. Projects focus on digitizing, creating block patterns, using X and Y grading, and setting up size range rule tables for advanced pattern development. Students create size layouts for cutting and use a plotter for printing final patterns. The Lectra/Modaris system is taught in a PC lab. Class size limited to 12. Prerequisite: Construction Techniques.


EVFT116 $980 Credit
EVFTA116 $750 Noncredit

In this course students are introduced to the design sustainability system. This course covers current sustainability frameworks, principles, and materials assessments, as well as the history and logic behind them, providing students with useful research tools to apply to the ever- changing demands of sustainable design, business, development, and policy-making. No prerequisites.


EVFT221 $980 Credit
EVFTA221 $750 Noncredit

This course introduces the computer as a creative tool for fashion design students. The latest CAD fashion software will be taught with an emphasis on the way these programs are used in the fashion design industry. Students will learn to scan and manipulate images to create concept boards. Vector program (Adobe Illustrator) will be introduced as a means to develop a library of flat, technical sketches and illustrations. Prerequisites: Fashion Design Essentials & Construction Techniques.


EVFT217 $980 Credit
EVFTA217 $750 Noncredit

This course focuses on textile structures and the production of surface designs, materials and techniques to build a strong foundation for contemporary practice in fibers. Students explore methods for research, ideation and problem- solving through discussion, drawing, digital software and material investigations. Prerequisite: CAD for Apparel.


EVFT302 $980 Credit
EVFTA302 $750 Noncredit

This course teaches the students the research and analysis of political, historical and/or social events and their impact in the dress code. Students will also be given the opportunity to create their own line of clothing, which are critiqued by industry professionals.  Students will develop design concepts through construction, draping, and pattern drafting. Garments are fitted on standard size models and critiqued by industry professionals. Industrial machinery is used in the translation of designs from 2D to 3D. Prerequisites: CAD for Apparel & CAD for Patternmaking.


EVFT219 $980 Credit
EVFTA219 $750 Noncredit

This course focuses on elements used in the mass production of clothing. Students work in groups to choose an existing company; study its history, design philosophy, and customer base; and design a collection for a specific season, including spec sheets and technical packages for practical application. Prerequisite: CAD for Apparel.