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Certificate Information

Certificate Information


Certificate Programs are open to anyone interested in pursuing a certificate for professional and/or personal growth.  The only prerequisite is a high school diploma and a majority of our students have completed an undergraduate or graduate degree in an entirely different area than the certificate program in which they are enrolled. 


To become a Certificate candidate, complete the online Certificate Declaration Form and submit it online or by fax to the Continuing Education Office. Certificate Program Declarations are accepted throughout the year and students may begin a program in any quarter. 


There is no deadline for completing a program once begun.  Many students take one course a quarter and earn a certificate in two years and others take two courses a quarter and earn a certificate in one year.  It is recommended that students who wish to complete a program in one year contact the CE Department for advising on how best to sequence courses.


Each certificate has a curriculum of eight required courses, which must be taken for credit. Dual Certificates may be earned by combining course requirements from two programs. To earn the certificate, courses must be taken for credit.


Certificate students who have completed six courses are eligible to receive the services of the Locks Career Center, whose professional staff offer coaching, resume/portfolio advising, and job search resources focused on artists and designers. This is a lifetime benefit for Certificate graduates.  Certificate graduates also benefit from membership in the Moore Alumni Association, offering a network of thousands through sponsored workshops, exhibitions, and other events for area artists and designers.