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"Development" is a recurring and rotating section highlighting a special opportunity for creative entrepreneurs to develop their business.


Crowdfunding has become a useful way for creative people to raise capital for projects, but it can be difficult to break through the noise on GoFundMe or Indiegogo - or Kickstarter, for that matter. But the folks at Kickstarted have a new platform that recently launched called Drip. Well, Drip should be spelled with an upside-down "i", but you get the picture.

Drip is being touted as: "A new tool for creators. By Kickstarter." They say, "Fund your creative practice through the ongoing support of people who love your work."

Drip is functioning by invitation only at the moment, but you can sign up to receive an email notification when they are ready to expand to a wider audience. In the meantime, check out their currently featured creatives, and brush up on the best strategies for garnering attention on platforms like this. 

Published on December 11, 2017


Emerging fashion designers have an opportunity to advance their business as part of a cohort of designers through the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator at Macy's, now accepting applications. The program includes office space and a studio, offers mentoring, workshops and seminars, and the support of peers.

Moore College of Art & Design has had five alumnae participate in the program, including Ivy Aristy '10, and Melissa D'Agostino '02, Devin Pauley '11, Victoria Wright '12, and Janell Wysock '04.

Published on October 24th, 2017