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ROI (Resources. Opportunities. Inspiration.)

From the President

Moore College of Art & Design is proud to announce the launch of ROI (Resources. Opportunities. Inspiration.), an extension of the College’s mission of preparing students for inspiring careers in art and design. Over the last ten years, approximately 30% of our alumni have gone on to start their own company or pursue entrepreneurial endeavors, and we’ve been building upon that rich legacy to nurture new opportunities. In 2009, Moore initiated a Business Minor, in 2014 we partnered with Your Part-Time Controller LLC for a business plan competition, and now, we’re launching Moore ROI to continue the support of our students and alumni in entrepreneurial endeavors.
The vibrant creative economy in the Greater Philadelphia area is a natural home for creative entrepreneurship. Philadelphia has a robust maker scene, a rich history of innovative thought, and the economic development that will continue to support new creative businesses. Moore is committed to being an ongoing resource for our alumni as they map their paths in their creative careers: whether that be as an entrepreneur, an employee working within an existing company to create innovative change, as someone who uses their creative expression for multiple streams of income, or as a founder launching their vision to the marketplace.
Please join me in celebrating the launch of ROI (Resources. Opportunities. Inspiration.).​

~ Cecelia Fitzgibbon, President of Moore College of Art & Design

From the Editor

The term ROI has traditionally been recognized as a business acronym for return on investment, meaning: how much one gains from the effort or funds they’ve committed to something. In the context of Moore’s new program, ROI stands for resources, opportunities, and inspiration, playing off this business term in a way that aims to provide continuing returns.
Moore ROI is in natural alignment with Moore’s mission of preparing our community for inspiring careers in art and design. Within each bi-monthly edition, we’ll curate a variety of articles, resources, interviews, networking events, etc., specifically for creative, entrepreneurial thought. 

We hope you keep reading and enjoy growing your knowledge as you grow your business.

~ Veronica Scarpellino, Locks Career Center