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Penny Fox Internship Fellowships

The Penny Fox Internship Fellowships were established in 2011 to significantly enhance and expand Moore’s commitment to educating students for careers in art and design:

  • The honor recognizes and affirms our students, empowering them and building their self-confidence while they experience risk taking and competition.
  • By applying, students are encouraged to think “bigger and bolder” with the prospect of the additional financial support for their summer internship.
  • Students gain experience in writing a small grant proposal akin to the real world practice of professional artists and designers.

The process for selecting the five annual Penny Fox Internships Fellowship winners is administered by the Director of the Locks Career Center. Applicants are judged by a panel of one or more external jurors who are experts in a wide range of fields, along with the Director of the Locks Career Center, the Dean of Students or the Academic Dean, the President (or designee), and one member of the Board of Managers/ Trustees.