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Graduate Students

The Locks Career Center’s provides a wide array of professional services to Moore’s graduate candidates. Resources include: the electronic job bank COOL: Career Opportunities On-Line; ROI-Moore’s entrepreneurial initiative with a bi-monthly newsletter and special workshops; and information on artists’ residencies, grants, exhibitions, competitions, and community service opportunities.

The Career Center also provides guidance in developing resumes and curriculum vitae, reviews portfolios, and shares books, templates, and programs targeted to help artists, educators and designers shape a working life. Upon completion of degree requirements, the Career Center also supports graduate alumni in their employment searches, mock interviews, business correspondence, salary negotiations, and networking.


After getting my MFA at Moore, the Locks Career Center staff assisted my job search in personable and effective ways. I was interested in gaining varied experience in the field in order to move toward my career goals, and both Belena Chapp and Veronica Scarpellino helped make that happen. They readily offered professional advice while sharing opportunities that catered to my abilities and were suited to my interests. They took the effort to get to know me personally - even in brief meetings - to help me develop my career.

–Dawn Kramlich, MFA ‘13