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Paid Internship Fellowships

Nationally, 59% of all employers will hire their interns according to a 20 I 2 internship and co-op survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). Moore interns have an outstanding record of securing employment as a result of their internship performance.

Mentor a Moore Student

Paid Internship Fellowships are an integral part of professional training at Moore College of Art & Design. The College has had a successful internship program for more than 30 years.

Employers provide a rich hands-on learning environment for students—and students bring to organizations, companies and professional studios their valuable training in a variety of disciplines—Art History, Curatorial Studies, Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Fine Arts, Illustration, Interior Design, and Photography and Digital Arts.

Please contact the Career Center if you are interested in joining our internship network. You will receive an email alert at the beginning of the internship hiring season reminding you to provide a description of your available internship opportunities. These will be shared with our students in internship preparation classes.

Call 215.965.4064 or email

Read what employer's are saying.

Heather Young, Marketing Manager, Michaels Corporation, about Ebony Nedwood, GD 
She was able to communicate our company's corporate culture, which was originally formatted in a text doc, into a beautiful piece of art that is now hanging in our 380 offices across the country.

Matt Moskal, Owner, Matt’s Crazy Art, about Kelly Montgomery, FA
She has a creative flair, an eye for color and design that both fits in and often adds another dimension to some pieces.  The pieces she works on are easily some of the more popular with clients.

Her technical/creative skills go well beyond my expectations.  I have no doubt that she is going to continue on to great success after graduation!  She’s worked on two separate projects for us—an info-graphic for a marketing poster and a save the date postcard for our annual conference.  Both are completely different, yet creative, clean, innovative, and professional.

Panni Malekzedeh, artist ( about Leah Koontz
She was so lovely to have, and I would like to thank your school for offering such a position for students. Not only did she learn, but I as well, I learned more about my work and myself then I ever thought I would from an experience like this. I truly hope that she enjoyed her internship as much as I did.

Johnny Zito, Co-Founder, South Fellini Productions about Izzy Ramos, IL
She is fantastic. She performs above her duties and really gives it her everything.  I also really respect her artistic talent.  She has an excellent work ethic.

Tammijean Triplett, Brand Manager , Original Penguin, about Adrienne Michalski, IL
Her professionalism, creativity and promptness have far surpassed any of my past interns.

Hilary Siegel, Council for Relationships, Marketing/Communications Associate , about Amber Koonce, GD She is the first Intern I have worked with since my arrival at CFR.  I’ve worked with other interns in past jobs and she is definitely on the top of my list.  She is hard-working, creative, able to take direction while also feeling comfortable taking the lead and working alone, she is responsible, and respectful—all qualities that not only make for a great intern, but a great employee!  

Mila Arrisueno, Art Director, Grafik Marketing Communication, about Samantha Hurst, GD
She's by far one of the best interns we've had. She's extremely responsible, reliable and talented. She has a good intuitive sense when it comes to design and her work ethic is great.


Curtis Johnson, Co-Founder/Art Director, 401! Creative about Anja Gudic, IL
I'd have to say that this has been one of, if not the, best internships we've had! Part of that has been due to our approach as a company but mostly it had to do with the attitude and creative talent that she brought to the position.  She is more than welcome to apply for a position with us in the future.


Aiisha Ramadan, Designer and Founder, Aiisha by Corset Fashions, Dubai, UAE about VJ Thomas, FD
In brief, VJ has been demonstrated the best practices to be an intern that any company would want. She's professional, on time, focused, and hungry to learn. She's dedicated and is always up for challenges. Above all, she's keen on dealing with different cultures.

 VJ listens and asks necessary questions. At the end of the day, she comes back with suggestions that are valuable to the company. One of her strongest elements is her imagination in terms of mixing colors and prints. I have hosted several interns across the years. I can confidently say that VJ has been, so far, the best we've ever had. We have even discussed working together on freelance basis after she's back in the US.

James H. Hammond, RA, Senior Associate, Francis Cauffman about Liz Todd, ID

Liz exceeds our expectations as an intern; she is punctual, professional, well organized, and well liked.  She quickly understands the tasks given her and completes them with little guidance. Liz is active and assertive in learning about what is happening in our office. We are very impressed with her portfolio and with what she has produced thus far.  We have placed her on multiple tasks on which she has excelled. Liz is well organized, talented, and professional.  She has great communicative skills.  Liz is one of the best interns we’ve had to date.

Josh Abene, Lead Content Developer, BioDigital Systems (NYC) about Brittney Mason, IL
Brittney has exceeded expectations. She is a very good communicator, understands the material and is eager to learn new skill. She is punctual and gets along well with the rest of the team. She takes initiative, and has taught herself relevant skills to help improve her work.

She is a very good artist, and has a good eye, is open to criticism and works very hard to improve. She is one of the better interns that we have had in the past few years. She produces high quality work, works quickly, and asks questions to make sure she is on the right track. Overall, it has been great having Brittney as an intern-- she's very personable and responsible, and has a lot of potential for a future in medical animation/illustration, whether it be in 3D or 2D.