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Thursday, November 2nd '17 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Wavelengths is an ongoing drag and burlesque show curated and hosted by Katie Rauth (aka Lezzie McGuire) that uses gendered performance to explore marginalized identities and the politics by which they are surrounded. Within the show, local artists from Philadelphia and NYC reclaim forms of performance that are oftentimes seen as "low brow” or “bar performance”, engaging their audience in deeply personal performances that spark conversation about larger topics surrounding gender, race, mental health and queerness. This event will feature explicit content and may not be suitable for younger audiences. 

Daphne Sumtimez is a Brooklyn-based drag performer and hostess with questionable taste and an all-consuming need for strangers to like her. She's currently in production for her one woman show, She's Passable, which uses parody songs to discuss trans identity, the delightful hypocrisy of etiquette, and her boobs. 

Kemar Jewel is an international director, choreographer and drag performer from Philadelphia. Currently living in New York, Kemar's work showcases the talent and creativity of LGBTQ people of color through theatre, music, and dance. Moving forward, Kemar wants to continue to create art that introduces queer culture to the world in new and exciting ways. 

Vigor Mortis is the lovable Creep from Kings County. He has been a member of the drag and burlesque collective Switch n' Play since 2015, and is the winner of the Brooklyn Nightlife Awards Drag King of the Year 2017. He is a proud assistant to Sasha Velour, and is known for his slightly supernatural guises, bad taste in 90's music, versatility, and fondness for onion dip.

Minnow Future is Philadelphia’s premier drag clown. She was born in the year 324 AE in the Clown Colony Yoinkulon 9 of the Circus Nebula, and was tragically sent back in time to present-day Philadelphia by a freak balloon accident. Now, drawing from both clowning and drag as performance disciplines, she creates eclectic and unique performances that investigate themes of identity, anti-futurity, apocalypse, etc. while upholding the #1 values of JOY and FUN. You can see her work regularly at QUEERSPACE: Philadelphia's weirdest variety supershow, and on in the Miss Bio-Werrrk 2017 Pageant! And please contact her on Instagram @minnowfuture if you can help her manipulate space/time to return home.

Katie Rauth is a Philadelphia-based multimedia and performance artist, and the curator and host of Wavelengths. Using it as a lens to explore her own femininity, Rauth’s work with drag began as a way to explore the disempowerment and invisibility of a high femme identity within the queer community. Embracing the appropriative stereotypes of femininity in drag queen culture as a place of comfort rather than exploitation, Rauth engages her alter ego- “Lezzie McGuire”- to establish power and strength in her own femininity, while questioning the surprisingly narrow mindset of gender inclusivity in mainstream drag.

This event is part of the Bodyworks exhibition and is FREE and open to the public and will take place in The Levy Gallery for the Arts in Philadelphia.

Registration is not required, but if you would like to please click here to register for this event.

PHOTO: Thomas Lauria

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