Film al Fresco / Program IV

Film al Fresco / Program IV
Saturday, July 26th '14 12:30 am – 2:30 am
Aviator Park, Logan Square West
  • Dan Dickerson (slideshow)
  • Kristen Mills (slideshow)
  • Tyler Kline (slideshow)
  • Kevin Nguyen (slideshow)
  • Misha Wylie (slideshow)
  • Naomi Levine (slideshow)
Tonight's program is a series of eight shorts including:

Alles Nahe Werde Fern ( 1 min. 33 sec.) / Doom Jazz ( 1 min. 4 sec.) / Physical Dialogic ( 58 sec.) | Tyler Kline
Three animated shorts depicting tone impressions of memory, lineage and longing. 

Memory Untitled (2 min. 30 sec.) | Naomi Levine
This experimental documentary recounts the filmmaker's unsettling recurring dream about a childhood friend through a mix of 16mm reversal footage and photographs. 

Seeing in the Dark (12 min. 46 sec.) | Kevin Nguyen
Maddie is a paranormal fanatic. Every night, before bed, she turns out all the lights in her house, takes a seat in the living room, and proceeds to concentrate on the darkness. Maddie thinks that if you truly believe enough, you can see what is lurking in the dark. Something's there. She soon learns the truth and immediately regrets it.

Audrey (2 min. 49 sec.) | Misha Wyllie
An animated short created by hand-painting stills from a video consisting of found photographs of two girls putting makeup on one another. The original photographs of the girls are trasnformed from natural to grotesque, from symbolic to abstract.

Andrea Fraser is Shining (3 min.) | Kristen Mills
A video collage that combines audio from artist Andrea Fraser's performance of Museum Highlights: A Gallery Talk at the Philadelphia Museum of Art in 1989, and footage from Stanley Kubrick's psychological horror film The Shining.

Rough Edits (25 min. 26 sec.) | Dan Dickerson
Study the past.


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