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Strange Currencies: ART & ACTION IN MEXICO CITY, 1990-2000

Strange Currencies: ART & ACTION IN MEXICO CITY, 1990-2000
Saturday, September 19th '15 – Saturday, December 12th '15
Daniel Guzmán and Luis Felipe Ortega, Remake, 1994, video still. Courtesy of the artists.

Strange Currencies explores the emergence and development of experimental artistic practices in Mexico City in the 1990s, a decade defined by a catastrophic economic crisis, enormous social upheaval and poverty, political corruption, a chronic rise in violence, and continuous instability due to the effects of rapid globalization. In a time defined by hopelessness and pessimism, artists rejected traditional art forms in favor of radical, ephemeral, action-based, and socially-engaged practices that were often cynical, risky and irreverent, linked art and everyday life, and critically reflected the momentous and troubling events that were unfolding around them.

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