Peace Paper Workshop

Peace Paper Workshop
Monday, July 15th '13 – Friday, July 19th '13
  • Peace Paper Project Panty Pulping
  • Peace Paper Project Panty Pulping
  • Peace Paper Project Panty Pulping
  • Peace Paper Project Panty Pulping
  • Peace Paper Project Panty Pulping
  • Peace Paper Project Panty Pulping
  • Peace Paper Project Panty Pulping
  • Peace Paper Project Panty Pulping
  • Peace Paper Project Panty Pulping


Under the direction of Moore College of Art & Design student Victoria Lattanzi, a Frieda Fehrenbacher Leadership Fellowship recipient, the college will be hosting the first-ever Peace Paper Workshop in Philadelphia. It will consist of taking articles of clothing that hold significant meaning and turning them into paper. There will be a 2-day free workshop for the Moore community.  It will be a panty pulping workshop.  However, if participants would feel more comfortable using other articles of clothing that have significance they are welcome to use them.

Monday July 15:

11 am-12:30 pm: Introductions, Signing the Contract, Rag Cutting

12:30- 1 pm: Lunch

1 -4 pm: Papermaking (including objectives listed below)

Thursday July 18:

11 am-12:30 pm: Paper Distribution, calendaring paper, creative writing

12:30 am-1 pm: Lunch

1 – 4 pm: Japanese Stab Binding, Continued Nepalese-style Papermaking

Fox Commons & Courtyard at Moore College of Art and Design: When you arrive please check in at the table located behind the security desk. You will then be escorted to the courtyard and common room where the workshop will be held.

Please bring your significant articles of clothing, such as panties, sheets and shirts, as well as your lunch.


Moore Panty Pulping Workshop Objectives:

Part 1: The Contract: Whether someone is passing by to make a broadside, to have a conversation, or to make paper, we ask everyone to sign our Panty Pulping "Contract." This was developed especially for public events so that we maintain the mission of our project in the midst of participants coming and going. The contract states: By participating in this process, I am making a vow to myself and my community to use my power to prevent violence in thought, speech, and action. We have witnessed how important this element to the workshop is to campus communities, as students feel encouraged by being present with their peers in an agreement to prevent violence.   All who sign this contract will receive a letterpress printed Panty Pulping Manifesto.

Part 2: Panty Pulping: Students will have the opportunity to transform their own underwear into paper. Our portable Hollander beater will be set up to process fiber as it arrives. Students who transform their underwear into pulp will have the opportunity to make as many sheets of paper as they have time for. We will also have a few batches of colorful community pulp that participants can use to get comfortable with hand papermaking. The specific papermaking processes that we will be using are western and Nepalese style sheet formation, pulp printing, and decorative sheet formation.  Participants will be able to keep all of the paper that they create, be it paper made from their personal fiber or the community pulp.

Part 3: Pulp printing broadsides. Participants will have the opportunity to create a broadside in response to a visual questionnaire. A 16" x 20" sheet will be formed as a substrate. Next, the participant will select text such as:

-I pulp my panties because...

-I am a feminist because...

-I am an ally because...

Then s/he will choose what follows:

-I am a force for creation

-I love my body

-I am a survivor

-I know a survivor

-I celebrate gender

-I believe in gender equity

Once s/he selects the text, the participant will arrange the corresponding silk screens on the wet 16" x 20". S/he will spray pigmented pulps through the screens, creating a complete broadside in several minutes. Once the paper is dried, everyone will receive their broadsides.

Part 4: Bookbinding and Creative Writing. Once the papers are dried, participants will have the opportunity to learn traditional Japanese Stab Binding and to create a journal from some of their papers. Participants will also experience the power of the written word with continuous creative writing exercise breaks.

About Peace Paper Project: Peace Paper Project was started in 2011 by Drew Matott and Margaret Mahan as a project that would perpetuate the art of traditional hand papermaking by bringing it to vulnerable populations across the globe. Peace Paper works in collaboration with art therapists, universities, art centers, and community participants to establish systems of papermaking as self-expression and trauma intervention. Peace Paper Project practices art in the social sphere by engaging individuals with papermaking using fibers of special and personal significance. These fibers tend to relate directly to the social issues being addressed. Ultimately, Peace Paper Project is interested in the intersection of art therapy with art as social action, and uses traditional hand papermaking to facilitate this connection.

About Panty Pulping and the 2013 tour: This fall, Peace Paper Project's outreach program Panty Pulping will embark on a tour across the United States and Europe. Each stop along the way will be characterized by that community's intention to end sexual and domestic violence. On one level, we will be transforming underwear into paper in the public sphere as a way of combating rape culture. On another level, we will be visiting domestic abuse shelters and holding papermaking as trauma therapy workshops in collaboration with art therapists.  Now more than ever presents itself as the time to demand an end to violence against women and girls, and to advocate for the global advancement of women. We at Peace Paper Project do so in our own way, utilizing traditional hand papermaking to engage communities in expressions of resilience and empowerment.

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