Monday, October 29th '12 – Thursday, December 6th '12
Southwest Minnesota State University Art Museum

Moore faculty member Alice Oh has work in the travelling show Twist.

Exhibition Dates: Oct. 29 – Dec. 6, 2012

Venue: Southwest Minnesota State University Art Museum

TWIST is a traveling exhibition featuring the work of three generations of painter-teachers. This exhibition is a smaller version of the exhibition Re-Generation (first hosted by The Painting Center in January 2012). TWIST traces the regeneration of thought in painting and art education by linking the translation of visual ideas between students and teachers to the teaching of Josef Albers. In art education ideas move, change, get lost, and grow from generation to generation, from teacher to student, from painter to canvas, and back again to the training of new artists and hopefully visually literate citizens.  For college-level studio art teachers, the significance of Josef Albers on art education throughout the United States is no mystery. Most have either taken an Albers based color theory course, given an assignment that was somehow linked to his pedagogical strategies, or studied with a professor whose art education was significantly impacted by Albers. While this is not the first show that features a generational link to Albers, it is a show that reminds visitors of the wealth of painterly knowledge that continues to grow. The show will travel to other institutions and visitors are invited to enter their own lineage to Albers on an interactive map by visiting the website at

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