SHE WANTED THE WORLD - SHE WANTED OUT: Silk Graffiti by Aubrie Costello '07

SHE WANTED THE WORLD - SHE WANTED OUT: Silk Graffiti by Aubrie Costello '07
Thursday, October 10th '13 – Wednesday, January 1st '14

 SHE WANTED THE WORLD / SHE WANTED OUT: Silk Graffiti by Aubrie Costello '07

Where: The Ibrahim Theater at The International House Philadelphia
3701 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104 

Opening Reception: Wednesday, October 16, 2013. 6-9 pm
Free and open to the public.
Light hors d’oeuvres and refreshments will be served.

Silk Graffiti is a one-of-a-kind, site specific fiber installation. By intuitively responding to the environment in which the work is being created the artist, Aubrie Costello, is able to pair each particular place with though-provoking text to facilitate a dialogue. Costello begins the process by shredding dupioni silk and hand-forming the graffiti typography directly onto a wall, much like a street graffiti artist would tag a crumbling exterior wall. The end result is a commentary on a hyper masculine graffiti culture. It gives a feminine twist to the otherwise predominately male-centric act of graffiti writing.

For this new, ongoing body of Silk Graffiti work, the fiber artist asked her closest female friends and influences two questions:

Where do you want to go?


Why do you want to go there?

The only guidelines given to the participants was to keep their first answer to 2 words or less and their second answer to 5 or less. After that, the ladies had free reign to be as specific or as vague as they wanted. They could give a place as tangible as a city or a lake. Conversely, they could give something more open to interpretation like “the woods” or “somewhere else”.

The answers Costello received from each individual woman showed that regardless of background or where each participant was born - many of whom were born outside of the United States - there was a common thread among all of the participants. Whether these women were searching for reinvention, self discovery, rest and relaxation, a mended heart or a new adventure, they all craved the same thing. And whether it was to go somewhere they’d never been or a place they carried in their memories and longed to return to, they all wanted to get up, get out and go to find these things someplace else, someplace different from where they currently resided.

For her exhibit at The International House of Philadelphia, Costello will graffiti the women’s responses onto the surrounding walls outside the Ibrahim Theater. Some women’s responses will be written in their native tongues, some in the language of their lover and others in English. The quotes will remain anonymous. Graffiti often shares deep secrets of its writer. With this ongoing Silk Graffiti installation, Costello is sharing these women’s secrets and desires in silk.


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