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1.5 Million Exhibition

1.5 Million Exhibition
Wednesday, October 7th '09 5:00 pm – Saturday, October 17th '09 5:00 pm

1.5 Million

Inspired by a 1970 exhibition by Lucy Lippard, 1.5 Million will feature new works by 71 artists, curators and writers in the Stella Elkins Tyler Gallery, Tyler Hall at Temple University. Focusing on the space between imagination and practice, the exhibition will feature proposals for works that could - but don’t necessarily - exist.  As in the original show, each proposal will be represented by one index card.
Curated by Corey Antis

1.5 Million is:

Stefan Abrams, Amy Adams, Anita Allyn, Joshua Aster, Leah Bailis, Tim Belknap, Jeremy Boyle, Adam Blumberg, Frank Bramblett, Kimberly Brandt, Gerard Brown, Ian Burns, Mark Campbell, Anthony Campuzano, Sheryl Conkelton, Roderick Coover, Andrew Criss, Daniel Cummings, Kevin Curran, Micah Danges, Rachel Dobkin, Philip Glahn, Adam Grossi, Michael Grothusen, Walsh Hansen, Austin Heitzman, Jane Irish, Ianthe Jackson, James Johnson, Rini Yun Keagy, Thad Kellstadt, Karen Kirchhoff, Nicholas Kripal, Naima Lowe, Jacque Liu, Margo Margolis, Ian Markiewicz, Ryan McCartney, Jesse McLean, Dustin Metz, Chad Muthard, Eileen Neff, Anna Neighbor, Alex Paik, Nick Paparone, Richard Purcell, Pete Rangel, Justin James Reed, Isaac Resnikoff, Maha Saab, Rebecca Saylor Sack, Martha Savery, Dan Schank, Anne Seidman, Matthew Sepielli, Jennie Shanker, Mark Shetabi, Brandon Som, Dustin Sparks, Chad States, Jeffrey Stockbridge, Mark Stricker, Jim Strong, Andrew Suggs, Josh Tonies, Christopher Ulivo, Thomas Vance, Eva Wylie, Nami Yamamoto, Mauro Zamora

Features Moore Faculty: Sheryl Conkelton, Anna Neighbor, Justin James Reed, and Anne Seidman.

Exhibition Dates:  October 7 – October 17, 2009

Gallery Hours: Visitors welcome Wednesday to Saturday, 10 am – 5 pm

Stella Elkins Tyler Galleries
Tyler School of Art
12th and Norris Streets
Lower Level South, B02
Philadelphia, PA 19122

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