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2017 Leadership Conference for Women in the Arts

2017 Leadership Conference for Women in the Arts
Saturday, October 14th '17 9:00 am – 3:30 pm
1916 Race Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106


What are the skills needed for you to be a leader in the competitive world of art and design? 
At this interactive, day-long conference you will learn from speakers who have achieved success by taking risks, being flexible, developing a solid network and creating collaborative endeavors.
You will also have the opportunity to have invigorating conversations with students from other colleges and universities as well as women from the community.
$10 general public, FREE for Moore students
* Includes Breakfast and Lunch *



9:00 am Registration and breakfast

9:30 am Welcome from President Cecelia Fitzgibbon & Keynote Speaker Dr. Natalie Nixon

10:15 am - 11:15 am Block One

1. Teamwork: The good, the bad, and the ugly – Danielle Rice, Julie Goodman Hawkins, Jean Brody
2. What Was I Thinking? How to make better decisions personally, professionally, financially, and artistically – Amy Leis
3. Stack Your Deck for Success: Lessons from a Game Graphic Designer – Brigette Indelicato ‘10
4. Creating Opportunities, from being chosen to choosing yourself – ChaCha Hudson
5. Life as Art – Wendy Liss ‘84

11:30 am - 12:30 pm (Block Two)

1. Be Moore You Workshop – Roslyn Pilla ‘92, Nicole (Nicci) Eisenhauer, Rana Walker
2. Stay True to You: A Guide to Self-Awareness, Leadership, & Personal Branding – Chrissie DiAngelus
3. Fearlessness: Advice and Perspective from a Tattoo Artist – Kelly Colligan ‘13
4. Feeling Salty Workshop – Carlee Myers ‘14
5. The Art of Negotiation: Setting Your Own Career Path – Stephanie Somers ‘89

12:30 pm Lunch

1:45 pm - 2:45 pm (Block Three)

1. Goddess Dance: Feminine Fire – Jude Huczko ‘83
2. Self-Actualization: Leadership Starts from Within – Sristi Chanda ‘17
3. Questions of Collectivism – Suzanne Seesman
4. Forging through the Fuzz and Frustration – Roni DeFalco ‘07
5. ArtTable Panel: Careers in the Art World: Finding Your Path – Cecelia Fitzgibbon, Justyna Badach, Shelley R. Langdale, Rebecca Rutstein, Rachel Zimmerman

3:00 pm Closing Reception


Detailed information:

9:00 am Registration and breakfast

9:30 am Welcome from President Cecelia Fitzgibbon & Keynote Speaker Dr. Natalie Nixon

Natalie W. Nixon, Ph.D., is a hybrid thinker, comfortably synthesizing creative and analytical thought processes from design and business to arrive at innovative opportunities.  A practitioner and researcher of design thinking, she has 15 years of experience as an educator on the secondary and university levels and worked in the fashion industry as an entrepreneurial hat designer as well as in apparel sourcing for The Limited Brands in Sri Lanka and Portugal. Nixon’s research and consulting interests are in integrative strategic design, experiential service design and applying strategies from the fashion industry to a range of sectors, utilizing style as a competitive advantage in order to build brand distinction. Nixon is certified by the National Charrette Institute at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design to lead charrette trainings; she uses the charrette methodology to lead ideation, opportunity finding and consensus building for a range of organizations.

Nixon earned a BA (cum laude) from Vassar College with a double major in Anthropology and Africana Studies; an MS in Global Textile Marketing from Philadelphia University; and a Ph.D. in Design Management from the University of Westminster, London. 

10:15 am - 11:15 am (Block One)

1. Teamwork: The good, the bad, and the ugly – Danielle Rice, Julie Goodman Hawkins – Jean Brody

This interactive session and panel discussion will introduce some of the challenges of projects that require teamwork and present ways to master them. While many art forms rely on individual self-expression, leadership in the arts is highly dependent on the ability to collaborate with a broad variety of constituents: other artists, community groups, governing boards, to name just a few. Participants will undertake a short quiz to evaluate what kind of a role they typically play as a team-member and panelists will then discuss some of the ways these roles shape actual situations. Problem solving case-studies will give participants a way to experience some of the challenges and opportunities that teamwork presents.

Danielle Rice, Ph.D., is a former art museum director and educator and currently runs the graduate program in Museum Leadership at Drexel University. After leading teams through many projects in her museum work, Rice is fully aware that teamwork provides many challenges. She currently chairs the Board of Eastern State Penitentiary Museum and Historic Site where she brings her teamwork expertise to governance.

Julie Goodman Hawkins, Associate Professor in Drexel's Arts Administration Program, is no stranger to teamwork having led advocacy, field research, community engagement, and grant-making efforts in her role as Executive Vice President of the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance. In addition to her teaching, she also Chairs Mayor’s Cultural Advisory Council for the Philadelphia Office of Arts, Culture, and the Creative Economy.

Jean Brody is the Director of the Online Graduate Program in Arts Administration at Drexel University. Brody has more than 30 years' experience in education and the arts, and has worked in a variety of roles with Philadelphia arts organizations and nonprofits including the Philadelphia Theatre Caravan, Hedgerow Theatre, Point Breeze Performing Arts Center, the Theatre Alliance of Greater Philadelphia, the Liberty Science Center, Relâche, Inc., and more. She continues to consult with area nonprofit arts organizations. She comes to arts administration from the theatre world, where she worked as a dramaturg, director and literary manager in community arts and theatre for social change.

2. What Was I Thinking? How to make better decisions personally, professionally, financially, and artistically – Amy Leis

Have you ever looked back on a decision and wish you could have chosen differently? Have you ever felt stuck and didn’t know what to do? If so, than this session is for you! Using common cognitive biases through the lens of behavioral finance, learn how your subconscious influences your decision-making ability.

This session will teach you mental tricks to avoid falling prey to herd behavior, the endowment affect and loss aversion (just to name a few)! Discover techniques to help you become better at negotiating, take smart risks, and make better decisions, personally, financially, professionally and artistically.

With over 12 years of experience in the financial services industry, Amy’s specialization is in Sudden Wealth including inheritance, legal settlements, divorce, and sales of businesses. Amy attended the University of Miami for her undergraduate degree. She has a Masters in Art Education from the University of the Arts. She also holds a Masters and PhD in Educational Psychology from Temple University. Her AWMA® and CRPC® designations are issued through the College for Financial Planning. Amy believes in the importance of giving back. To that end she supports several charities and organizations. She is a Board Member and Nominating Chair for the Perkins Center for the Arts, Membership Chair of the Moorestown Rotary, Membership Chair for the Philadelphia Chapter of the National Speakers Association and also serves on the Planned Giving Committee for Samaritan Healthcare and Hospice. Away from the office she enjoys playing golf as well as spending time with her husband Kevin and their six-year-old daughter Zoe.

3. Stack Your Deck for Success: Lessons from a Game Graphic Designer – Brigette Indelicato ‘10

In this presentation, Brigette will share her personal design journey as an example of finding and doing the work you are passionate about. She hopes to inspire attendees to think about what kind of work they want to be doing and what small steps they could take to work towards it. The presentation will include a brief overview of her personal path as a designer, and then a list of concrete lessons learned from her experience, with examples and relevant anecdotes. There will be a Q&A at the end of the presentation, as well as an interactive portion with provided worksheets to help you explore your own passions and how they relate to your creative career.

Brigette is a 2010 Moore grad in Graphic Design, and has worked in the graphic design industry since then, as a freelance graphic designer and a full-time designer at a science museum and now at an international financial services company. In addition to those jobs, she designs board and card games, and a game she designed recently won the Hasbro Gaming Lab challenge and will (pending official details) be published by Hasbro next year. Going through the process of designing that game purely as a personal project led to additional opportunities, professional relationships and multiple new board-game-related freelance projects.

4. Creating Opportunities, from being chosen to choosing yourself – ChaCha N. Hudson

This program will focus on the importance of women creating their own opportunities as artists, designers, and leaders in their field of study. After graduating, students are ready to land their dream jobs and earn a great income but soon realize that it takes much more than a degree from an accredited institution to succeed. Drive, focus, initiative and a great deal of perseverance are key. These women all have the potential to generate their own dream career and open doors for others as well. This program can help to change the thinking of artists from the idea of being selected because of their talents to using their talents to construct their own opportunities.

ChaCha N. Hudson is a Philadelphia based fashion designer and sewing instructor at Moore College of Art & Design as well as numerous other institutions. She started her business after graduating from the Art Institute of Philadelphia in 2008 and not being able to find full-time employment in fashion design or any related fields. She attributes her current success to creating her own opportunities and not waiting to be chosen or shown approval by others. ChaCha has a sewing studio located in the Frankford section of Philadelphia and currently teaches virtual sewing and pattern making classes to students in PA, NY, NJ, DE, AK, GA, TX and TN. She is also a graduate student at the University of Delaware with a focus in Fashion & Apparel Studies.

5. Life as Art – Wendy Liss ‘84

Living is a creative process not unlike constructing a work of art. In this interactive workshop, we will use mindful drawing and discussion to awaken our sense of everyday awareness and explore ways to apply it to our lives. When we are able to do this, life emerges as a process of creative expression; rather than being stuck in it, we become active participants, shaping our lives with every decision we make.

Wendy’s focus is on the relationship of contrasting dynamics such as light and shadow, soft contours and hard edges, interior and exterior, positive and negative space, raw clay and painted surface. It's the interplay of these elements that give her work its physical presence. She approaches each sculpture, as she does her life, with a balance between control and surrender. The finished piece evolves out of this back and forth between creator and creation.

Wendy received a BFA ('84) and an Art Education Certification ('85) from Moore College of Art.  In addition to working as an artist, her professional life has included teaching of studio art, fine art restoration, interior decorating and face painting. In recent years, her work has benefited from the invaluable community and resources at the Wayne Art Center in Pennsylvania.

11:30 am - 12:30 pm (Block Two)

1. Be Moore You – Roslyn Pilla ‘92, Nicole (Nicci) Eisenhauer, Rana Walker

The Be More You workshop is an ‘inner-active’ experience to personal self- and community-discovery that intertwines dialogue, writing, yoga, and a shared mosaic art project. Our innovative teaching style engages participants by providing them with tools and techniques for increasing personal and professional success. Our instructors guide attendees to fuel their personal empowerment during this unique experience of creative thinking, writing, feeling and expression. Together, we will experience and demonstrate how easy it can be to use these life skills to visualize your future by being in the moment. Being more of who we are starts with the being the uniqueness of what we are. This self-awareness exercise will support the participants' future leadership skills by enhancing their personal power, which can lead to positional power in their careers.

Roslyn Pilla, President and Founder of Eightegrity

Branding and business expert with a passion for creating results. Innovative branding workshop creator and facilitator. Professional networker, sponsor, maven, mentor, and champion of community causes focused on art, education, children, health and 'welling'.

Nicole (Nicci) Eisenhauer

Marketing, branding, creative and organizational strategist. Burnout and migraine survivor turned health and wellness coach. Consultant to the healthcare industry. Artist and creator of the MiNDFUL MOZAiCS drawing method.

Rana Walker

Yoga instructor, Emmy Award Winning Life Coach...Mind, Body & Spirit. TV Personality, Writer, Producer & Speaker, President and Founder, Diamond Cutter, LLC. Diamond Cutter is a wellness company which focuses on enhancing mind, body and spirit by creating customized wellness plans, retreats, and workshops for individuals, organizations and companies.

2. Stay True to You: A Guide to Self-Awareness, Leadership, & Personal Branding – Chrissie DiAngelus

What does self-awareness and intention setting have to do with branding and leadership? Plenty! Join Chrissie DiAngelus as she discusses the mindset shifts that must occur as we explore and refine our personal brands and step into our power as leaders.

When our creative businesses aren’t getting us the hard results we desire, it’s easy to fall into a place of overwhelm and react from fear and lack. We can quickly believe we are not doing the right things and sink precious time, focus and resources into the latest trend. The problem is it usually doesn’t work and we are left feeling more frustrated, alone and embarrassed, and often unworthy, questioning our talents.

As a creative entrepreneur, Chrissie understands this from first-hand experience. To really lead, one must be fully aware of herself, her worth, her intentions, her boundaries and her personal brand. Through personal narrative, questions and exercises, Chrissie leads participants through a journey of self-reflection and discovery, to unearth their values, limiting beliefs, intentions, and personal brands. She believes a strong mindset rooted in self-awareness and intention can help female business owners act from a place of integrity, lead and inspire others, attract ideal clients, make sound business decisions, and manage the uncertainty of running creative enterprises.

Chrissie will weave her own stories and lessons as she teaches self-awareness and making major mindset and strategy shifts that affect business and personal lives.

Chrissie previously ran a small performing arts agency for six years. As a young female entrepreneur, she learned quickly how to play to her strengths, position herself, and create her company’s brand in a highly competitive market. Her six years in the arts though were not without struggle. After many years of “doing all the right things” in a field that struggled to secure funding and resources, she was stagnant, burnt out, broke, and emotionally fragile. The rollercoaster of her business had taken a toll on her family and herself. She pulled back and worked with coaches for 18 months to come into a better space, mentally, emotionally, and intellectually. She uses her practical experience to mentor other purposeful female business owners, artists, and creatives on these concepts.

Chrissie is currently the Director of Marketing & Communications at International House Philadelphia and mentor to passionate soul centered women professionals, creatives and entrepreneurs. Her specialties include business strategy and personal branding and leadership. She brings over 15 years of experience in entrepreneurship, small business and nonprofit administration, arts and culture, branding, communications, and mentoring. She is a graduate of Saint Joseph's University with a B.S. in Business Management and a minor in Fine Arts.

3. Fearlessness: Advice and Perspective from a Tattoo Artist – Kelly Colligan ‘13

Becoming a tattoo artist wasn’t necessarily on Kelly’s agenda while applying to art school years ago, yet it became one of the best risks she ever took. Thrusting an introverted fine artist into the realm of tattooing meant facing doubts and insecurities within herself. After years of hard work, she has become well acclimated to making commission based art on a strict deadline, communicating and collaborating with clients on a daily basis, and learning how to make time for a personal art practice even when it might seem futile. Although she is still learning and her path might be a little different from most, she believes the insight she has gained can be beneficial and transferable to any artist or designer seeking a fulfilling career in the arts.

Kelly Colligan is the owner/operator of Kelly Killagain LLC, a small business that represents herself as tattoo artist and as a brand for her artwork. In 2013, Colligan graduated from Moore College of Art & Design with a BFA in Fine Arts. Shortly after, she began to tattoo full time at 777 Tattoos in Manahawkin, New Jersey. After almost 5 years, she has become well known for meticulous linework and dotwork. Aside from tattooing, Colligan works at her home studio, creating small collectible sculptures and other merchandise to be sold through her online store and at various shows including Art Star Craft Bazaar and The Makers Festival.

4. Feeling Salty: How to figure out what you want and have fun doing it – Carlee Myers ‘14

Feeling Salty is a one-hour workshop that helps people let go of the past and welcome a positive and fulfilling future. This workshop is built for major breakthroughs so participants can REALLY step into the person they want to be in their career, as a leader, and beyond.

Through writing, verbal communication and a meditative process of immersing hands in a box of salt (creating a figure of 8 paralleled with specific breath), Carlee helps participants work through blocks and limiting beliefs around being a leader and stepping into the right career.

Feeling Salty is for people who want to find peace and clarity, but don't have the patience for long drawn out therapy sessions, classes or the willpower to sit and do seated meditation for longer than a few minutes at a time (although these people are welcome too). If you want to take action for a better life and you want to be genuinely happier, you should plan to attend this workshop.

Carlee Myers, practicing artist and founder of A Piece of Positivity (APOP) Studios, is an coach who uses creativity to help women who are unhappy at work (and beyond) get their mojo back and make adulting fun. At the age of 12, Carlee’s mother was shot three times leaving her in critical condition and Carlee and her sister in psychological dismay. While their mom made a full recovery, it took years for Carlee to recover on a physiological level from her own trauma. She tried many of the mainstream approached to heal her mind including church and therapy, but it seemed none of these options would do the trick of helping her let go of the past and step into her future with optimism. Then, Carlee discovered the healing power of making art, the concept of flow and the healing power of salt - her inspiration for her popular ‘Feeling Salty’ workshop. Through art, she discovered inner peace and clarity for the first time in over eight years.

Through one-on-one coaching and creative workshops, Carlee has guided many individuals to find clarity about their future. An alumna of Moore College of Art & Design, Carlee graduated with a BFA in Curatorial Studies and Fine Art. Before founding APOP Studios, she worked as an artist, curator and arts administrator for a number of years. She has exhibited her artwork across the U.S. and has received prestigious awards such as the Fob Fellowship at Second State Press in Philadelphia, PA.

5. The Art of Negotiation: Setting Your Own Career Path – Stephanie Somers ‘89

Stephanie Somers is a proud graduate of Moore College of Art & Design, but at first glance, you might think the field she chose is an unusual one for a former illustration and teaching major. It’s anything but.

Since her time at Moore, Stephanie has made a career for herself that merges various disciplines of art and design all into one: running her own real estate group in Philadelphia, The Somers Team at RE/MAX Access.

When you think of buying and selling real estate, the word “negotiation” often comes to mind. It’s a skill that young women preparing for post-college life must hone (after all, women earn, on average, 80 cents for every dollar their male colleagues make, partly due to a lack of negotiation).

In this talk, Stephanie will share a brief overview of her career path since her time at Moore and describe how she taps into her artistic side every day in the business world (for example, by collaborating with creatives who are making their own art -- videographers, interior designers, architects, engineers, photographers, event performers, and even craft cocktail makers!). She will touch on the importance of teamwork and the leadership qualities that have allowed her to build a supportive and thriving team of 20+ people. In addition to showing audience members how they can successfully make a living from art beyond the more traditional art fields, Stephanie will also discuss the power of negotiation and share her go-to tips.

Stephanie Somers, a 1989 illustration teaching graduate of Moore, is Co-CEO and Team Leader at The Somers Team, a RE/MAX Access real estate agency operating in Philadelphia. Over the last decade, Stephanie built this real estate group to a bustling team of more than 20 people. In 2016, Stephanie led The Somers Team to $60+ million in transactions, earning the agency the title of the #2 top-selling RE/MAX team nationwide. To sell homes, Stephanie taps into three skills: her creativity and passion for art, negotiation, and empathy/understanding others.

Prior to The Somers Team, Stephanie worked as an art teacher, followed by a career as a holistic health consultant, where she used art with youth clients to get to the root of their ailments.

12:30 pm Lunch

1:45 pm - 2:45 pm (Block Three)

1. Goddess Dance: Feminine Fire – Jude Huczko ‘83

Come nourish your soul with Najia and a unique training method that will awaken the goddess within you. Her dance vocabulary is intensely sensual, female and magical. Najia’s unique holistic approach to movement will give you the tools to clear creative blockages as well as walls in your personal life. She has a 26-year professional background in belly dance transforming and empowering women's lives through dance meditation. We will focus on core, earth, grounding, and movements that open our hearts to gratitude. Dress comfortably and bring socks or ballet slippers. Bare bellies are not required. 

Najia (Jude H.) is a Philadelphia, PA-based performer, teacher, and award-winning choreographer of the ancient art of Middle Eastern dance. Her passion for dancing has led her to study with international dance stars throughout the globe as well as performing throughout this country and abroad. She has made regular trips to the Middle East for over a decade, spending two to three months a year researching dance and bringing this wealth of knowledge home to her students and the stage.  

Najia has produced well over a hundred events including, gala shows, certification programs, Red Tent Goddess Nights, and most recently Goddess Rejuvenation retreats in a historic monastery on the Wissahickon Creek in Philadelphia. This past summer she started her personalized private lesson retreats in Cape May NJ.  She is also a professional illustrator, photographer, photo-stylist and vegan chef and draws inspiration and integration from wide skill set in all she does.

2. Stand by your Brand and Begin from Within – A focus on Self-Actualization – Sristi Chanda ‘17

This program will encourage attendees to question their goals and desires, while acknowledging intentional and unintentional road blocks that may be hindering their potential growth. The objective of the session is to understand that in order to be a true leader you have to start with yourself. This session will involve open discussion and active participation. By sharing our thoughts and ideas we will not only be held accountable for our future plans but we can learn from one another's! 

Sristi is an alumna (Interior Design, class of 2017.) She came to Moore as an international student from Kenya and she is currently working as a Design Associate at Abby Schwartz Associates.  Sristi has recently walked in the shoes of current students and she has overcome a lot of personal and professional hurdles and she would like to hopefully inspire others by sharing her experiences and journey so far.

3. Questions of Collectivism – Suzanne Seesman

This panel discussion will bring together members of collectives from Philadelphia and Baltimore to discuss collectivism and the relationship between collective organizing in the arts and economic and social justice.

As a panel we will question traditional understandings of cooperative and collective galleries and examine questions about representation, equity, volunteering, cultural capital and compensation.

The 50 minute session will be structured in a manner that encourages questions from the audience of Moore students and will introduce individuals and organizations in a way that will encourage future engagement after and outside of the panel discussion.

Panel Moderator

Suzanne L. Seesman (she/her and they/them) is an artist and curator based in Philadelphia, who has been a member of cooperatively and collectively organized projects both in and outside of the arts. Organizations she has worked with/in include Vox Populi gallery, The Nicola Midnight St. Claire and the worker-owned Maryland Food Collective. Suzanne is currently researching cooperative and collective models of organizing in the areas of arts and cultural production and is curious about the ways in which collectively and cooperatively organized groups address questions of equity and representation.

Suzanne is employed as the Artistic Director of Friends, Peace and Sanctuary, and as a contingent faculty member in the Department of Visual Studies at Tyler School of Art. 

Confirmed Panelists: 

Imani Roach 
Linda Fernandez
Gerardine Aldamar
Kait Sanchez 

4. Forging through the Fuzz and Frustration – Roni DeFalco ‘07

This lecture aims to provide attendees with a better understanding of the potential careers in the entertainment industry, focusing on puppets, costumes and props. As the lecture recounts Roni’s past experiences, attendees will witness the highs and lows of forging your own career path to becoming an entrepreneur.

Roni DeFalco has been creating custom puppets, costumes and props since 2004. Originally from Long Island, NY where she studied Fashion Merchandising and Design at BOCES. She relocated to Philadelphia to attend Moore College of Art and Design, where she received a BFA in Fine Arts with 3-Dimensional Emphasis. While at Moore she received the 2006 Sarah Peter Fellowship and the Diana & Clarence Stern Award for Excellence in 3-Dimensional Fine Arts. After graduation she began a pursuit of a career in puppets and became employed in the entertainment industry as a scenic sculptor. In 2010 she accepted a position at a costume shop, Character Translations Inc., which she currently manages. In 2016 she began her own business RonDee Productions, where she offers custom puppet building services.

5. ArtTable Panel: Careers in the Art World: Finding Your Path – Cecelia Fitzgibbon, Justyna Badach, Shelley R. Langdale, Rebecca Rutstein, Rachel Zimmerman

ArtTable was founded in 1980 by a group of professional women in the visual arts to foster greater support, recognition, and opportunities among their peers. Today we are a national non-profit organization with a mutual support network of over 1,200 women who are leaders in the visual arts. Members expand their circle of colleagues, gain special access to art world events, and grow through professional development and mentorship opportunities. The Philadelphia Chapter of ArtTable was founded in 2014 and is dedicated to fostering connections among women working in the arts in the Philadelphia region and beyond.  The convening of this panel for the Moore Leadership Conference is part of this mission, as we are eager to promote opportunities for mentorship for women who are interested in exploring professional careers in the arts.

The presenters for the panel include three artists who will offer insights into the various pathways that led to their current careers, and a curator who will share her experience working with and acquiring work by contemporary artists.  Each participant will offer a brief introduction, after which the distinguished moderator, Moore College President Cecelia Fitzgibbons, will lead a discussion with the panelists and invite questions from Moore students to encourage a lively and engaging dialogue.

Moderator: Cecelia Fitzgibbon, President, Moore College of Art

Cecelia Fitzgibbon assumed the office of president in July 2012.  President Fitzgibbon serves as executive editor of The Journal of Arts Management, Law and Society. She has been a speaker nationally and internationally on topics of leadership in the arts and cultural policy. She was the lead researcher for the Philadelphia component of the National and Local Profiles of Cultural Support Project, a collaborative project with the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance that investigated how the nonprofit cultural industry was supported in ten communities across the United States.  From 1996 to 2012 she served as the Director of the Graduate Arts Administration program at Drexel University, achieving the rank of Full Professor.  She also served as the Chair of the newly formed Department of Arts and Enterprise from 2010-2012 and prior to that as Chair of the Department of Performing Arts from 2001-2010.

She was the founding project manager for the Pennsylvania Cultural Data Project (now the Cultural Data Project), at the time a collaborative effort of the Pew Charitable Trusts, the William Penn Foundation, the Heinz Foundation and the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. Together with key leaders of the Pew Culture Program, she also conceptualized the original guidelines for the Philadelphia Cultural Management Initiative, a capacity-building program for professional arts organizations in the region currently housed at the Pew Center for Arts and Heritage.

President Fitzgibbon served as executive director of First Night Wilmington from 1995 to 1996. Prior to that, she was senior vice president of ArtsMarket Consulting, Inc., where she conducted program planning and evaluation for clients including the Rochester Area Foundation, Southern Arts Federation, Georgia Council on the Arts, Mississippi Art Museum, New Stage Theater, West Virginia Department of Cultural Affairs, New York State Association of Museums and the Guggenheim Museum Learning Through Art Program.

From 1993 to 1994, President Fitzgibbon directed policy planning, program design, fund raising, communications and organizational development as executive director of the New England Foundation for the Arts (NEFA). In this capacity, she instituted the region's cultural facility fund, a technical assistance program and loan fund for the development of arts facilities, and inaugurated the first year of the New England Artists Trust.

President Fitzgibbon also spent eight years as director of the Delaware Division of the Arts, where she led the concept, design, and implementation of a $21.5 million arts stabilization project; the creation of the state's first economic impact study model; the development of a nationally recognized dance residency program; the evaluation and design of highly-acclaimed arts in education programs; the establishment of an arts standards and assessment commission; and the institution of the agency's first strategic planning process.

President Fitzgibbon earned a BS from the University of Massachusetts in Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning and an MA in Arts Administration from New York University.  She is married to artist Scott Cameron and has two sons, Stuart Cameron who is an MBA candidate at the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia and Ross Cameron who is a graduate of Bard College and a Program Assistant at Design Philadelphia of the Center for Architecture.

Panel Participants (all members of ArtTable):

Justyna Badach, Artist (photographer) and Photography Studio Manager at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Justyna Badach is an internationally exhibiting artist, museum professional and educator. Her work is in the permanent collections of Portland Art Museum, Museet for Fotokunst Brandts, Odense, Denmark and her artist book Bachelor Portraits is in the Special Collection at the Rice University Library, Houston, TX and Haverford College. She was awarded an artist residency from Light Work, an Artist Fellowship from The Independence Foundation, and received a S.O.S. Grant from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. Her teaching includes posts as an Assistant Professor in Photography at Drexel University, University of DE, where she designed the Digital Foundations program and University of WI. Since 2014, she has held the position of the Studio Manager for the Photography Studios at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, where she spearheaded the design of imaging facilities and implemented a state of the art, FADGI compliant program in cultural heritage imaging. Badach has photographed art works for numerous catalog raisonne projects including; Ed Ruscha, Andy Warhol and Joan Mitchell.  She has lectured extensively about her own work and continues to be involved teaching at Tyler School of Art. Her most recent body of work, Land of Epic Battles is currently on view at The James A. Michener Art Museum through February 4, 2018 and will be featured in a solo exhibition with accompanying catalog at Light Work in January of 2018.

Shelley R. Langdale, Associate Curator of Prints and Drawings, Philadelphia Museum of Art

Shelley Langdale worked at the Fogg Art Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and the Cleveland Museum of Art before coming to Philadelphia in 2002.  Over the years, she has organized a variety of exhibitions, including shows of Renaissance prints and drawings, American Folk Art drawings, Japanese prints, and contemporary works on paper.  In 2010 she was a member of the curatorial team for the international contemporary art festival, Philagrafika held throughout the city of Philadelphia. She has lectured and published on topics ranging from the drawings of Leonardo da Vinci to the video installations of the Japanese artist Tabaimo. She is the President of the Print Council of America, a member of the board at The Print Center and serves as an advisor to The Brandywine Workshop in Philadelphia, and was recently appointed to the Advisory Council and Collection Committee of the Bowdoin College Museum of Art. She previously served on the board of The Lower East Side Printshop in New York, and as an advisor to the Taller Puertorriqueño in Philadelphia and has juried numerous exhibitions across the country. 

Rebecca Rutstein, Artist (painter and installation artist)

Rebecca Rutstein – whose work spans painting, sculpture and public art – explores abstraction inspired by geology, scientific data and maps. Rutstein has completed art residencies in Iceland, Canada, Hawaii, V ermont, and on board science research vessels sailing from the Galapagos to California and Vietnam to Guam. Rutstein has exhibited widely in museums and institutions and has received multiple grants including a Pew Fellowship in the Arts and an Independence Foundation Fellowship . She has been interviewed and featured on NPR , Huffington Post and Vice Magazine. Her work can be found in numerous public collections including Johns Hopkins Hospital, Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Temple University. Rutstein holds a BFA from Cornell University, an MFA from University of Pennsylvania, and is represented by Bridgette Mayer Gallery (Philadelphia), Zane Bennett Contemporary/Form & Concept (Santa Fe) and Sherry Leedy Contemporary (Kansas City, MO).


Rachel Zimmerman, Artist (photographer), Founder and Executive Director of InLiquid


Rachel Zimmerman is an artist and Independent Curator based in Philadelphia, who has been named one of the region’s “Top 101 Emerging Connectors” in 2008, as well as a Creative Connector in 2011. She is a Leadership Philadelphia and Designing Leadership alumna, and has served on numerous committees from Design Philadelphia to the executive board of the Philadelphia Cultural Fund. Currently, she is on the art advisory committees of CFEVA and the Main Line Art Center, the co-chair of ArtTable (Philadelphia), the committee for the Founder’s Award (Fleisher Art Memorial), and Creative Industries Working Group (Philadelphia Office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy, City of Philadelphia).

Zimmerman is the Executive Director and Founder of InLiquid, a premier non-profit arts organization with 18 years’ experience in managing and curating art and design projects. Through her leadership, InLiquid has been honored with numerous awards, including Philly Magazine’s Best of Philly Award for Affordable Art and The Culture Trip’s Pennsylvania Local Favorite Award in 2015. Zimmerman has also received citations from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the City of Philadelphia, as well as a nomination for the 2017 Rad Award for Nonprofit of the Year (Rad Girls).

Zimmerman’s photography is held in a number of private collections in Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, and San Francisco and permanent collections including the George Eastman House Museum in Rochester, NY, and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. She has exhibited at LGTripp Gallery, OCJAC, the Open Lens Gallery at the Gershman Y, Main Line Art Center, The Community Arts Center in Wallingford, and the Anita Shaplosky Gallery in NY. Her next exhibit is at the Speer Gallery, Shipley School in October 2017.

3:00pm Closing Reception

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