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Theresa Asbury

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Theresa Asbury


Art Education

I am currently working as a long-term substitute art teacher as I wait for a full time job to open up. I am creating lesson plans for my current classes, thinking about my student teaching experiences and constantly using techniques and ideas that I learned during my placement.

My favorite memories from Moore are working in the studio with my classmates, talking about each others work. I felt more motivated to get work done with people around rather than working alone. My creative process might be a little different than most. I create my best work while there is some type of background noise, whether it be music, talking, or a TV show playing on my computer. Right now I am working on portraits of my family members drawn with charcoal, similar to the portraits that I created for my senior thesis.

My advice for Moore students is to always believe in what YOU want not what others want from you. Take criticism from teachers and classmates and try their ideas but always do what makes you happy. Your artwork will always be better if it is what you want to do.