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Samantha Siermine

Samantha Siermine
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Samantha Siermine


Graphic Design

A Shirley Vernon Scholarship recipient

“I'm Sam Siermine, a Graphic Design major in my junior year.  I have three siblings and with my mom being disabled it was tough when it came to money.  The Shirley Vernon Scholarship I received really helped us to pay for my education and I was really lucky to get it.  The scholarship helped me to continue my work here at Moore because with such a large family and my mom not being able to work, it was difficult for me to have money to commute or buy the supplies I needed for class.  

I'm glad that I went to Moore because I'm happy that they were able to give me this scholarship, as well as for the classes.  The classes are great because they're small and I get a lot of one-on-one time with my professors. Dorothy Funderwhite and Gigi (McGee) are two of my professors that I have for most of my classes and they have been really helpful. They have helped me grow as a graphic designer.  The girls in the class are very supportive and always give their insight.  They're always polite about it, too.  I learn a lot from my classmates as well as my teachers.

In Graphic Design three, we actually worked with the Mann Music Center to create a brand identity for their festival Liberty Unplugged.  It was a contest, so they picked what they liked the best to use for branding Liberty Unplugged. They would offer a summer internship and use our brand identity. They actually picked me for that.  That's the internship I'm going to start this summer and it's really exciting because it's my work getting used.  It will be a great experience!” 

An excerpt from a February 4, 2015 interview
Photo by Macy Zhelyazkova