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Samantha Siermine

Samantha Siermine
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Samantha Siermine


Graphic Design

By Michele Cohen

Of all of the experiences she had at Moore, alumna Samantha Siermine ’16, Graphic Design, is most grateful for the awards and internships she was able to receive through the assistance of faculty and staff at the College.

From designing the program for the Fashion Show to creating a brand identity for the Mann Center for the Performing Arts, Siermine has built a strong resume that she hopes will propel her into a successful career.

“I’m so happy that Moore has given me the skills to build a strong portfolio,” she said. “I’m confident in my future because of how well Moore prepared me for this moment.”

Since graduating from Moore in May, Siermine is busy with a paid internship at Impart Creative, a Philadelphia web design agency. “My professor (at Moore) recommended me for the internship and I really liked their work and thought it would be a good experience,” she said. “I’m creating work that is being used, such as wall decals, so it’s cool to see that and the projects are fun.”

Siermine received the Advertising Specialty Institute Award for Excellence in Graphic Design for her Senior Show thesis project, a rebranding of the Delaware River Tubing company. She also designed the collateral mate­rial for the Century 21 Department Store presents Fashion Show 2016 at The Barnes Foundation, inspired by Picasso’s artwork. “It was cool to try to interpret the theme with a graphic design element,” she said. “I was excited for everyone to see my work at the show.”

During her junior year, Siermine and her classmates worked on a project with the Mann to create a brand identity for its festival Liberty Unplugged. The winner won a summer internship at the Mann and use of the brand identity, as well as a $1,500 scholarship. Siermine won the contest and said the entire experience was a highlight of her time at Moore.

“My internship at the Mann was a good first step in helping me become more comfortable and confident for my other internships,” she said. “I was very excited to receive the scholarship and to see my designs for the first time be used outside of the classroom.”

Last year, Siermine won first place in the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s 23rd Annual Collab Student Design Competition, and her work – a brand identity project called Quiet Creativity – was selected to be shown in the museum for one week.

“I love how Moore has small class sizes that allow us more one-on-one time with teachers and so many opportunities, like the Collab competition,” she said. “Most of my opportunities originated from my teachers. They always encouraged me to have real-world experiences.”

Siermine decided to enroll at Moore after taking a drawing class at the College while she was in high school.

“I knew that Moore had a good repu­tation and I wanted to go to a college that was focused on the arts, rather than a large university,” she said. During her sophomore year, Siermine received the Shirley Vernon Scholarship for Excellence in Design, which helped her pay for her education. “My mom is disabled and couldn’t work and I had three other siblings in college. It was tough when it came to money. This scholarship helped me to continue my work at Moore.”