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Renee DeBeary


Interior Design

Since graduation I have been  focused on laying the groundwork for my interior design business, DeBeary Designs!, which I plan to fully launch on July 1, 2013. DeBeary Designs! is a  small interior design business that specializes in residential projects but will also consider commercial design for small spaces. When most people think of an interior designer, they think of it as a service that can only be obtained by those with substantial means. The philosophy behind DeBeary Designs! is to offer the public an a-la-carte menu of services as well as specially designed packages that can be mixed and matched to suit the widest spectrum of budgets so that anyone who seeks interior help can obtain it.

Jump starting your own business takes a tremendous amount of effort because there are so many aspects to consider and at times it can be overwhelming. The best practice I have found is to take a step back and re-focus on the goal. Talk to others who have started a business, do your research and most importantly, believe in yourself.  I have also found that there are many programs offered by local governments designed to help people who want to start their own businesses. When looking over some of the applications to these programs, they want to know if you have a business plan, even a partial one. They also want to know if you have networking and oral presentation skills. Thanks to Moore’s overall curriculum where presenting your work and ideas both visually and orally are de riguer and my participation in the Business Scholars in the Arts Program, I can check yes to all of those boxes.

As a Moore alumna, I will always be grateful because my mentors and instructors really gave me a head-start platform to work from since I have been out on my own. Finding your niche as a designer requires some soul searching and dedication.