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Maureen Pelta, PhD

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Maureen Pelta, PhD

Professor, Art History

The things I like best about teaching at Moore are the same things that make Moore unique.  As an art college for women, Moore is a community that defines itself by its commitment to art and women; we understand the transformative power of art not only to challenge and enrich our culture but also to offer opportunities to change people’s lives. Teaching at an art college means that I don’t need to justify why I’m an art historian or what art historians do; we understand why art is important  a priori—by definition. 
Students are most often attracted to Moore because of their interest in and need for self-expression; I love their energy and enthusiasm.  I love watching them explore their own abilities and master new skills. It’s exciting—and gratifying—to be able to participate in their journeys of self-discovery.

I want my students to be curious, to formulate thoughtful questions--and  to ask lots of them. The same creativity and attention to craft that come into play in making art is also the essence of good scholarship.