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Kit Tyler Kazmier

Kit Tyler Kazmier at the 2016 Moore Commencement
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Kit Tyler Kazmier



Kit Tyler Kazmier, Jewish Film Festival posters
Kit Tyler Kazmier, Jewish Film Festival posters


By Michele Cohen

Illustration major Kit Tyler Kazmier ’16 spent the summer of her junior year interning at the Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival. Asked to design 24 film poster illustrations in about ten weeks, Kazmier was initially hesitant. She had never designed film posters before, but had taken an Illustrated Poster course as an elective at Moore. She embraced the challenge and submitted a beautiful portfolio.

The Jewish Film Festival staff was so impressed by her illustrations and work ethic that they decided to invest in a one-day exhibition during their Pre-Fest weekend to display all of the posters she created. The exhibition was also presented as part of DesignPhiladelphia.

“It just warms my heart knowing that I made such amazing connec­tions through my internship no matter how difficult it was and how many long hours and the long drive there,” Kazmier said recently. “Everything was worth it and I would do it all over again if I had to.”

The internship with the film festival was just one of many expe­riences that would propel Kazmier forward in her career. In her Commencement address as valedictorian of the Class of 2016 last May, Kazmier said, “Anyone can tell that Moore is passionate about its role as an all women’s arts college. They focus on everyone in hopes that they all will achieve their dreams and I feel confident that they helped me achieve mine.”

Kazmier was so profoundly impacted by the faculty at Moore that she’s planning to pursue a master’s degree so that she can teach college art and give back to future students. “The faculty has always been there to encourage me and give me the confidence I needed to succeed after college,” she said.

Kazmier also wants to illustrate children’s books, something she discovered while a student at Moore. “My biggest goal as an artist is to touch and impact people. I feel like books are the best way to do it. It makes me want to continue creating good art.”

When Kazmier visited Moore for the first time, she said it imme­diately stood out from the other colleges she had looked at. “I felt part of a close-knit community and it felt as much like a family as it did a school,” she said. “Being in a classroom filled with girls is a completely different experience. There is a stronger sense of connection and communication. We look out for each other.”

Kazmier said she discovered herself at Moore, and in her Commencement remarks, she had a message for incoming students: “You will be rediscovering yourself… You will always be changing, whether it’s your own person, your artwork, your style…You will find it and you will love it. It will be part of who you are.”