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Katie Locke

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Katie Locke


Fine Arts

Moore completely transformed my identity as an artist, and my identity as a leader and contributor in society. With the help of the sharp and rigorous faculty I worked with,  I was able to see painting as a completely new form of logic and problem solving. I was encouraged to not only challenge my perception of the visual, but to conceive ideas in an interdisciplinary form. This is essential to the Moore experience; with a small community created by individuals charged by the prospect of new possibilities, scheduling time to discuss your work with a faculty member from any major, or sharing a painting class with a Fashion Design student, becomes vital to strengthening your creative practice. 

The leadership opportunities Moore offers are unique and significant to every student that avails themselves to this aspect of the college. There is an empowering energy that refuses to define or create one type of leader. The training and development that I received by being a Emerging Leader in the Arts Scholar and a Residence LIfe staff member was profound and effective. I gained invaluable knowledge in professional strategies by working directly with Moore administration and leaders in the Philadelphia community, as well as learning how to think globally with the Sis Grenald International Travel Fellowship. 

The future of Moore is exciting, because of its continuous goals to be an innovator in the art and design world. I would advise prospective students to be ready to participate in positive risk-taking in their work, and how this work will contribute to the world around you. Moore is a place for those ready to be  proactive and passionate about shaping their vision.