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Kathleen "Kit" Kazmier

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Kathleen "Kit" Kazmier


Illustration with a Graphic Design minor

Something about Moore just stood out among the others, something about it just ‘clicked’ with me, the idea of attending Moore seemed so natural. I feel part of a close knit community and it feels just as much as a family as it does a school. I love the idea of smaller classes, allowing professors to get to know you on a more personal level. With that I feel as if they can better understand you as a student and as a developing artist. This environment has helped me grow more in my first year of college than I could ever have hoped for. I feel safe here, and I know that everyone is looking after one another and working together to grow together as artists. 

There are certain aspects of Moore that definitely make it stand out amongst the rest of the art schools in Philly. Probably the most prominent being the fact that it is an all-women’s college, and this is something that I did not see very much of when I first started looking at schools. This wasn’t the main reason for deciding to go to Moore, but it was certainly a plus that I did not truly learn the benefits of it until I spent some time here. Being in a class room filled with fellow girls is a completely different experience, there is a stronger sense of connection and communication between us. We all know the struggles that we are going to face as women in the art field, and since it is an all girl’s school, Moore has the opportunity to focus on those issues that will help us get ahead once we graduate. Not only does the school look out for us, but we look out for one another as well. As a student who lives on campus, I frequently leave the building, day and night. We take care of one another, walk with each other, and make sure we’re back when we said we would be. It’s the little things that make you feel secure. We are all just so casual with one another, in and out of class. We are all women, and feel like we can talk opening about anything to one another. And I have come to notice that sometimes during class, it’ll dawn on me that there are no men around. You forget sometimes, because it just feels so normal. We are not only there because we are women, we are there because we are artists, and that is what matters. 

There are so many aspects to look at when deciding on your education, but Moore seemed like an obvious choice to me. Moore is located heart of Philadelphia, yet almost tucked away from the overwhelming feeling of being in a ‘big city’ by being so close to the museum district. Anyone can tell that Moore is passionate about its role as an all women’s’ art college. They focus on everyone in hopes that they all will achieve their dream, and I feel confident that they will help me achieve mine. 

It is hard to choose favorite classes, but my Digital Painting course at the moment really stands out. Before this year, I had never used a tablet before, and I had dreaded the idea of any digital course. But I absolutely love all of it. It is challenging yet amazing what can be created digitally. It has completely opened my eyes to the possibilities of art. 

I am proud to be considered part of ELA (Emerging Leaders in the Arts), it has changed me already and I know it will continue to do so. I do hope to become part of other activities and organizations during my sophomore year, but that will have to wait for now.

As for the fact that I am attending a school in Philadelphia, who wouldn’t want to spend their time in one of the oldest and most historic cities around? There is art on every corner of every street. There are new cultures to see and taste. And there is just so much to do and experience here that one can never get bored.