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Brigette Indelicato

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Brigette Indelicato


Graphic Design

The Franklin Institute


A card game created by Moore alumna Brigette Indelicato is a finalist in Hasbro’s Gaming Lab Challenge.

Her game, “The Plot Thickens,” was chosen as one of five finalists from a field of more than 600 in Hasbro’s Spring 2016 contest. Brigette, a 2010 Graphic Design grad, and game co-founders and art school grads Thomas Rochelle and Mike Callahan have a shot at a $25,000 grand prize and a chance to work with Hasbro on developing the game.

"I did all the graphic design for the game,” said Brigette, who works as a graphic designer for The Franklin Institute science museum in Philadelphia. “We’ve been developing and polishing it for the last two years.”

Although Moore now has an Animation & Game Arts major, the program was created after Brigette had graduated.

"I hadn't ever expected to get involved in game design, but I love the challenge of designing something that people will so actively interact with," she said.

“The Plot Thickens” is a storytelling game. The object is for players to take a hand of five story cards featuring people, places and things and lay out the tale of a character and their fate. Players earns ‘plot points’ for every card used to build a story, as well as each time they interweave with another player’s story.

“There are two winners at the end: the storyteller with the most plot points on other players' cards gets to end the story however they want, and the person with the most connections to their own cards gets to come up with the title for the story,” she said.

Brigette, who describes herself and her friends as ‘big game nerds,’ says she and her partners came up with “The Plot Thickens” because they wanted a more collaborative experience.

“We had played some other storytelling-type games, but a lot of them are competitive, and you don’t end up telling a good story when you get interrupted,” she said. “’The Plot Thickens’ is a social and easy-to-learn game, so it can appeal to all different kinds of players. Families and kids can enjoy it as well.”

There are multiple editions of the game – Dectective Noir, Sci-Fi, and Romance – and they can be mixed together.

“Are you the beat cop, who just stumbles upon a twisted story of murder and intrigue?” reads the card-game literature. “Or a top-notch fighter pilot out in the far reaches of the galaxy? Or … are you both?”

The game founders have started an Indiegogo campaign to raise $8,000 to help fund production, and people can purchase a copy of the game through Indiegogo.

“We need to get 100 backers by the end of the campaign (November 12) to be eligible to win the Hasbro contest,” Brigette said.

She’s optimistic about the game’s success.

“It's really exciting, pretty much everyone who has played it thinks it’s a blast,” she said.