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Flor "Jazmin" Gutierrez

Flor Jazmin Gutierrez
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Flor "Jazmin" Gutierrez


Curatorial Studies Major with a Graphic Design Minor


Originally from Guatemala, Flor “Jazmin” Gutierrez graduated from Moore College of Art & Design in 2016.   In this video you’ll hear from Jazmin a few months into her first year at Moore and then again just days before Commencement.  A Curatorial Studies major with a minor in Graphic Design, she’ll share the transformational experience she had while at Moore as well as the impact the faculty had on achieving her academic goals.  Jazmin went on to become Student Government President in her Senior year and became a member of the College’s Board of Managers following graduation.

Moore College of Art & Design
Marketing & Communication Department

Director: Roy Wilbur
Multimedia Producer & Editor: Dave Rizzio

A W.W Smith Charitable Trust Scholarship recipient

“My name is Jazmin Gutierrez and I'm currently a Curatorial Studies Major with a Minor in Graphic Design. I have received three scholarships from Moore: the Admissions Grant, the Dean's Scholarship and the W. W. Smith Scholarship. They have made it possible for me to be at Moore.  Originally, I was born in Guatemala and then I lived in New Jersey for a while, but after hearing about Moore, I ended up actually moving to Philadelphia.  I was able to come and work here at Moore and also intern with a local nonprofit called Taller Puertorriqueño.  Thanks to my work study opportunities, I've been able to work at Taller a lot more frequently, which has allowed me to focus on studies and gain experience in my field while being able to pay for rent and basic necessities that I need as a student.

Being part of Moore has allowed me an introduction to working with my peers and people of different artistic fields through student government.  For example, during some of our exhibitions or programs, I've been able to talk to the students and ask them about their needs and what they would like to see more of.  It has really helped in my curatorial experience because I never had an introduction on how to interact with the public or interact with other artists.”

An excerpt from a February 12, 2015 interview
Photo by Jennifer Vatza