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Elise Blair Parisi



I am currently working at The Philadelphia Gas Works as a Creative Designer. My work can be seen around the city in the various marketing campaigns that the company puts out each year. I am fortunate to be able to use both my illustration and design skills when creating campaigns and graphics for the company. I also do freelance work, including invitation design for weddings and corporate logos, stationary and promotional materials. 

While at Moore, I did an internship with at NexGen RxMarketing. The internship prepared me for the professional work flow that you do not get to experience when working in class. The pace is certainly a lot quicker in the "real world" and I find as a designer you are sometimes pulled in many different ways. The internship experience also helped me learn how to separate myself from my work. In college I was used to doing work for myself and choosing a subject matter that I was comfortable with. This is not always the case when doing work for a client. 

My favorite memories at Moore were definitely with my friends. I got married last September and I had three Moore girls in my wedding. I still see my old college roommate almost once a week for dinner! The "all women community" really helped me come out of my shell and build friendships around other women that were just like me. Outside of class, we enjoyed the city and all of the culture, shopping, and night life it had to offer. I also really enjoyed my time with my professors in the Illustration department. I could always rely on Rich Harrington to give me that push that I needed to get my projects to the next level. He was so positive and encouraging which is what I needed when developing my style as an illustrator/designer.

My advice to current or future Moore students: enjoy your time while you are at Moore and try to soak up all of the knowledge that is being given to you. There is so much talent within the faculty at Moore that they will be able to guide you to making good decisions in you work and ultimately your career as an artist. Listen to them, they are almost always right!