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e Bond


Graphic Design and Art History Minor

Being a member of the Moore community has always proved to be a great addition to my life. Since studying Graphic Design and Art History at Moore, it has remained the place I always return to time and again to help and be helped. I have been a student, a student leader, an alumni board member, a professor and a supporter. And while I have enjoyed being a part of the community on all levels, none of them have been more satisfying than teaching graphic design and book making to the students there. During the time I was teaching at Moore, I also had the opportunity to have students and recent grads working alongside me on private projects in my studio. In one year, roughdrAftbooks completed orders of more than 4,500 handmade books for companies like Anthropologie and Fab.com thanks to the help of my Moore students!

Last year, after almost 20 years, I left my Philadelphia and Moore family to pursue a graduate degree at Mills College in Oakland. It is the only dual MFA program of it's kind in the country that combines Creative Writing and Book Art. I chose Mills because it felt so much like Moore and they are equally dedicated to serving and educating young women. I also chose Mills because I immediately felt the threads of a community that supports one another even before I really knew it was true. That is what I felt at Moore, supported. What still impresses me most about Moore is how much support I have gotten throughout my life by the people I met within those walls. And I don't mean always from professors or staff, I am talking about peers and students as well. Even moving here to Oakland, I have reconnected with an old Moore classmate who I hadn't seen in 15 years but has made the transition here so much easier. I think at the end of the day, people make the institution, and the connections you make at Moore will continue to change your life for years to come. That is what I am most thankful for.