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Harshita Lohia


Textile Design

Harshita Designs

I come from a conservative family. Because Moore is an all-women’s college it was easier for my family to support my decision to go there. . The programs were comprehensive, with a variety of choices and the staff was accommodating and very responsive. I could focus on building my skills and my art making processes without any distractions.

I learned a lot of business skills because of my internship experience. I went to trade shows, retail shows, learned how to set up a booth, write orders, design, create, package and ship orders. This helped me to start my own business, Harshita Designs, Inc.

My original drawings are carved on wood blocks. I do surface design printing techniques and hand block printing. Each piece is hand printed and we use 100 percent silk fabrics. After printing, they are steamed, washed and heated  to set the color. They are then stitched. All of my clothing is stitched in the United States and then sold to galleries, boutiques and stores nationally and around the world.

I credit the incredible teachers at Moore, especially my textile design teachers Deborah Warner, Lewis Knauss, Michael Olszewski and Moe Brooker, who helped me build a strong design foundation.

My advice to current and prospective students would be to believe in yourself and to have a lot of patience. Also, it is important to make the most of your internship experiences as those experiences will help guide you through your professional work experiences. The most important advice is to “Never say no,” as Moe Brooker taught me.