Tension: Alumni Exhibition 2008

  • Joanne Bosack

    Photo: Joanne Bosack

  • Arlene Finston

  • Beth Fox

    Photo: Beth Fox

  • Deborah Warner

    Photo: Deborah Warner

  • Dee Collins

    Photo: Dee Collins

  • Eva Diorio

    Photo: Eva Diorio

  • Dorothy Roschen

    Photo: Dorothy Roschen

  • Emily Eifert-Brown

    Photo: Emily Eifert-Brown

  • Jane Chidsey

    Photo: Jane Chidsey

  • Katie Van Vliet

    Photo: Katie Van Vliet

  • Marilyn Lavins

    Photo: Marilyn Lavins

  • Marie Elcin

    Photo: Marie Elcin

  • Dorothy Roschen

    Photo: Dorothy Roschen

  • Jillian Contreni Sokso '03 I will squeeze the life right out of you lithography, monotype 23" x 24" 2010

    Photo: Jillian Contreni Sokso