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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I arrange a campus tour?
We’d love to have you come visit campus. To schedule a tour you can call, text or email our Graduate Admissions Counselor, Kate Garman, by call or text 215.515.9824 or email

How do I apply?
You can start your graduate application here!  Be sure to also send us your additional application materials to complete your application.

What are my additional application materials?
Besides the application form, each applicant will also need to submit:

  • A statement of intent
  • A current Resume or Curriculum Vitae
  • All Final Official College Transcripts
  • Complete an interview with the Graduate Program Director of their intended program
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation
  • Complete FASFA forms for intended academic years

Below are the additional requirements for each program:

MA in Art Education | MA in Socially Engaged ArtMFA in Socially Engaged Studio Art​

What kind of funding opportunities are there?
We offer both Fellowships and Assistantships. These awards are highly competitive and applicants are required to submit all materials before the Fellowship deadline of February 1 for consideration.

Our Fellowships are applied toward the cost of tuition. The amounts awarded vary from year to year and depend on the applicant pool, so be sure to complete your application prior to February 1.

Our Assistantship positions are on-campus positions carefully chosen depending on the applicant’s skill set and interests and are paid to the student on a monthly basis.

What types of Assistantship positions have students held in the past?
Our students have provided support for various departments including the Connelly Library, Locks Career Center, BFA Academic Honors Program, Jane and David Walentas Endowed Fellow program, Graduate Studies initiatives and alongside our Studio Technicians.

How many hours a week are Assistantship positions required to work?  What is the schedule like?
Generally, our students work 15 hours a week throughout the academic year. Often continuing graduate students/assistants can continue to work in the summer between the first and second year of the MFA.

We encourage our students with Assistantships and their area supervisors to make a semester schedule and stick with it (so that the students earn the full amount of their assistantship by the conclusion of the year), but there can be some flexibility during busy times in the semester.

When are students assigned their Assistantship position?
Exploratory conversation takes place with new Graduate Assistants to get a sense of best alignment of work and interests. Final assignments are made in August before they arrive to campus. 

How do I apply for funding?
Applicants who complete their application and turn in all the required materials by February 1 will automatically be eligible for our Fellowship opportunities. No additional forms, essays, or checkboxes need to be completed.

What if I need additional funding beyond a Fellowship?
Starting October 1, applicants can fill out the FASFA online at In order to get a full picture of the educational costs associated with obtaining your degree, our Financial Aid department will put together a Financial Aid package for you (in order to do this you will need to complete the FASFA for your intended Academic starting year). We also accept any outside scholarships or awards you obtain yourself.

How can I get ahold of the Financial Aid department?
To schedule a meeting with our Financial Aid department you can call 215.965.4041 or email

I started a FASFA, what is Moore’s FASFA code?
Moore’s FASFA code is 003300.

How much is the tuition?
Our tuition varies depending on what program you are interested in. See our tuition rates below*:

MA in Art Education (30 credits) & MA in Art Education with Certification (58.5 credits)
Program Tuition: $1,752 per credit
Program General Fee: $79 per credit
Program Total: $1,831 per credit

MFA in Socially-Engaged Studio Art (2 years) & MA in Socially-Engaged Art (1 year)
 Annual Tuition per year: $45,968

Some additional fees to be aware of are below:
Technology Fee: $202
Graduate Commencement Fee: $200

*The number of credits vary per calendar year and degree program. Tuition and fees are subject to change annually prior to the summer term.

Does the college offer Health Insurance?
The College currently does not offer Health Insurance for its Graduate Students. If you are looking for Health Insurance you can apply under the Open Marketplace.