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Visionary Woman Honors Program

Visionary Woman Honors Program

More Than Just a Scholarship: Moore’s Visionary Woman Honors Program

Moore’s Visionary Woman Honors Program is the College’s most prestigious scholarship program, for talented, motivated and future-focused students who stand to benefit most from financial support and sustained mentorship, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Since 2005, Moore has awarded Visionary Woman Scholarships with the goal of increasing opportunity and access to high-quality visual arts education to a broad and diverse array of talented women, many of whom may not have otherwise had the ability to pursue careers in art and design.

Over 150 Moore students have benefited from this scholarship, including 42 in 2019.

Moore developed the Visionary Woman Honors Program in 2014, which includes a $22,000 annual scholarship ($19,000 annually for transfer students), along with four years of comprehensive training. A Visionary Woman Honors Scholarship is our most competitive scholarship and supplants all other Moore merit scholarships.

The program provides two goal-oriented options for student learning—Leadership Path or Academic Path—and is designed to support students in achieving their career goals, developing as leaders and gifted academics, and pursuing their professional dreams.

“Without the Visionary Woman Honors scholarship, I honestly would not be here right now. It means so much to me that people see the work that I am doing, and that they see the potential in me to do great things. […] So far at Moore, I’ve had some awesome opportunities meeting different people, as well as opportunities to get involved in the arts community outside of Moore. I like to think of myself as someone who can also inspire other people to be leaders.” 

—Kendyl Boyd, ’21, Art Education major and Visionary Woman Honors Scholar


To qualify for Moore’s Visionary Woman Honors Program, an incoming first-year student must have a 3.5 weighted GPA, as well as a SAT score of at least 1150 or an ACT score of at least 23. For transfer students, we require the same GPA, plus an 1150+ SAT or 23+ ACT score, or a written essay about why a student should qualify for the opportunity.

Students must maintain a GPA requirement of 3.0 throughout their time at Moore in order to keep their placement in the program.

“Before I came to school [at Moore], I wasn’t sure about what I wanted for my career, but since being here, I am super excited to graduate. I think the scholarship is a really great opportunity for people who work hard and are serious about school. […] The Visionary Woman Honors Program has opened my eyes to what leadership could mean. It makes me want to push myself. It’s been very empowering and very humbling.”

—Ashley Adams, ’20, Interior Design major and Visionary Woman Honors Scholar


Students accepted into the Visionary Woman Honors Program (VWHP) can pursue either a Leadership Path or an Academic Path for their four years of training.

Leadership Path
The Leadership Path has been developed for ambitious and reflective students who are interested in leadership, service and experiential opportunities as a means of supplementing their academic curriculum. Students will learn how to better understand themselves as emerging leaders and how to better engage and connect with their peers. The Leadership Path also provides occasions for networking with people in various artistic and creative fields. Each student will learn a suite of generalized skills that will be useful for future success, as well as an individualized experience tailored to career goals, personality and artistic style. Leadership Path students liaise with staff from Moore’s Student Affairs department.

As a VWHP scholar in the Leadership Path, you will:

  • Explore and challenge your understanding of yourself and others to develop exemplary leadership skills
  • Complete volunteer, internship or freelance work with an organization relevant to your career goals
  • Take professional development workshops on topics such as budgeting, time management and working with others
  • Create your own workshop and present at Moore’s annual Women’s Leadership Conference
  • Meet accomplished women working in the art and design fields at Moore’s annual Visionary Woman Awards gala

Academic Path
The Academic Path has been developed for passionate and scholarly students who are committed to academic success and artistic excellence during their time at Moore and beyond. Through a sequence of Honors seminars and studios, students will receive a unique learning experience of classroom as colloquium—a space for broad-ranging discussions and immersive engagement with peers and faculty—and will have opportunities to dive deeper into areas of study, including interdisciplinary learning that extends beyond the traditional curriculum. The Academic Path provides opportunities to work closely with faculty, to conduct independent and collaborative research, and to meet visiting artists and scholars. Academic Path students liaise with staff from Moore’s Academic Affairs department.

As a VWHP scholar in the Academic Path, you will:

  • Work closely with Honors Faculty Mentors
  • Meet visiting artists and scholars at co-curricular events and lectures, as a member of the Academic Dean’s Honors Forum
  • Participate in Art History and Liberal Arts honors seminars
  • Conduct interdisciplinary research and study in a culminating thesis seminar and thesis colloquium
  • Meet accomplished women working in the art and design fields at Moore’s annual Visionary Woman Awards gala

For more information on the Visionary Woman Honors Program and to discuss if you qualify, please contact the Admissions office at or 215.965.4015.