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Transfer Credit Policies


In order to graduate from Moore College of Art & Design, a student must earn 126-133.5 credits, depending on the major area of study.  Of these credits, no more than 76 credits may be transferred in and all transfer credits must have been earned with a grade of C or its equivalent or better; however, only the credits transfer in – not the grade or GPA.  All credits to be transferred are subject to credit evaluation by the College. The number of credits transferred will be determined by transcript review, and for studio courses, a portfolio review. Official transcripts from each college or university attended must be submitted for transfer credit consideration.  Transfer credits are only accepted from accredited institutions.

Prior to enrollment at Moore, transfer credit from appropriate courses is accepted for academic work completed with a grade of C or higher at an accredited institution before the student’s initial enrollment.  Transfer credit evaluations for entering students are completed by the Admissions Office, the department chairs and the Academic Advisor. The Admissions Office determines course equivalencies for the transfer of Foundation requirements and studio and Liberal Arts electives by reviewing the transcript and if necessary comparing course descriptions and/or syllabi of the courses being considered for transfer. The Academic Advisor determines course equivalencies for the transfer of Liberal Arts requirements by comparing course descriptions and/or syllabi of the courses being considered for transfer.  No transfer credits are granted for college preparatory or remedial courses. Transfer students must earn a minimum of 15 credits in Liberal Arts at Moore.  Students need to complete 9 of these credits in 300-level courses or above.

After enrollment at Moore, a student may take courses at another accredited institution and transfer them into Moore.  However, in order to ensure that credits are transferrable, the student must get written approval in advance from the Academic Advisor or the appropriate department chair. The pre-approval process includes a review of the course description of the course intended for transfer and may include a review of completed work following the conclusion of the course being considered for transfer.  The student must receive a grade of C or better in the course(s) under consideration for transfer. The student is responsible for requesting a transcript be sent to the College. If the College does not receive a transcript, credits will not be given, and the student will be required to take the course(s) at Moore.  Studio electives and Liberal Arts electives qualify for transfer, but after matriculation, all required courses must be completed at Moore; exceptions will be made for students in a study abroad or mobility program and post-baccalaureate students with appropriate department chair approval.  Anyone entering Moore as a first-year student must complete a minimum of 33 credits in Liberal Arts at the College.

At least 3 semesters of work must be completed at Moore, 2 of which must be in the senior year.  Students are not permitted to transfer credits into Moore that are taken outside of the College during their final 2 semesters.  Credits from coursework taken in summer sessions between final semesters may be transferred in if pre-approved by the appropriate department chair and the Academic Advisor as per the College’s approval process stated above. See possible courses eligible for transfer.


Entering graduate students can transfer up to 3 credits of advanced, post-undergraduate level studio or technical-based electives from an accredited institution. For more information please visit: Graduate Programs

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