Transfer Students: How To Apply


Students who have attended another college or university should apply as transfer students. 

Transfer Application Checklist

The checklist below shows the items necessary for admissions consideration. You may submit them together, or separately as they become available. 

o   Official transcripts from each college or post-secondary school attended

o   Official High School transcripts or GED

o   Portfolio of 8-12 pieces of original artwork Learn more about preparing your portfolio.

o   Proof of English language proficiency is required for International applicants, if English is not your first language (view International Applicants for details)  

We encourage you to visit Moore! View Moore’s Visit page, to schedule a tour and register for our upcoming Admission events. 


This is an accelerated option for students that need to begin with the Foundation program. Students are able to start in January (spring semester), complete the Foundation year by the end of July and be prepared to start their Sophomore year in the Fall.

Transfer Credits and Advanced Class Standing

If you have earned credit at other colleges and universities, you may qualify for advanced class standing at Moore. Official transcripts from each college or university attended must be submitted for transfer credit consideration. The number of credits transferred will be determined by transcript review and a portfolio review for any upper-level studio courses. Transfer students seeking advanced standing (sophomore level or higher) in a studio area must submit a separate digital portfolio of artwork for review. Official placement will be determined in conjunction with the department chairperson.

Students who plan to attend a community college with the intent of transferring to Moore College of Art & Design should consult an Admissions Counselor prior to registering for classes at the community college. Admissions Counselors will advise students in course selection, based on their major area of interest at Moore.

Articulation Agreements

Visit the Articulation Agreements page for up to date documents and information. 



Moore affords students the opportunity to earn proficiency credit on the basis of life experiences assessed through a portfolio review and formal interview by the relevant Department Chair. Additional forms of assessment, including but not limited to exams and written work, may also be utilized to determine proficiency if deemed necessary by the relevant Department Chair.

  • Up to 6.0 credits may be granted towards the BFA and Post-Baccalaureate degree requirements.
  • The relevant Department Chair will determine which required credits, if any, might be granted.
  • Students will be granted credit but the credit will have no impact on the student’s GPA.
  • All proficiency credits will be posted on the student’s transcript.


The Moore community encourages non-traditional college-age women to complete their education or establish second careers. Returning adult students are strongly advised to make early contact with the Admissions Office for academic planning and counseling.

Part-time coursework, financial aid, and an adult support group are all available. Women who have studied elsewhere at the college level should follow all transfer admissions requirements. Those without college-level experience will follow first-year requirements.

Visit our Re-Entry Applicants page to learn more about how to apply.


If you are a former Moore student and it has been less than three years since you were enrolled, you must apply for reinstatement through the Registrar’s Office. The phone number for the Registrar is 215.965.4031. If more than three years have elapsed, you must apply through the Admissions Office. The Academic Standards Committee will review all applications for re-admission by former students who withdrew in poor academic standing. After dismissal, a student may apply for re-admission after one semester by writing to the Chair of the Academic Standards Committee.


Click here for more transfer credit policy information


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Emma Irvin - Associate Director of Admission
Originally from London, England, Emma graduated from Moore College of Art & Design, with a BFA in Fine Arts. She loves to travel and helped a London-based curator connect arts professionals to exhibiting artists in the 2009 Venice Biennale. Emma enjoys meeting and supporting creative students from across the world, the U.S and her home of Philadelphia!

Please contact Emma is you are a Transfer, Re-Entry or Returning student interested in Moore's BFA program.


Emma's contact info:
Phone: 215.965.4020
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