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Books & Supplies

Your faculty may require you get other books or supplies for your classes. Information about what you’ll need to get will be in your class syllabus. You should look at your class syllabus in Moodle about a week before classes begin to see if you need to purchase books or other materials, such as a software subscription for Photoshop. What you’ll need to get may change each semester, so please budget accordingly.

*Please remember* You class schedule for your first semester at Moore will only be finalized after you take you Writing Placement exam or after the Academic Advisor confirms your schedule is final.

Foundation Art Kit

The Foundation Department faculty worked alongside representatives from all majors to create the “Foundation Supply Kit”.

These kits are designed as a starting block for which you will be able to build the rest of your supplies throughout your 4 years at Moore. The college has worked diligently with Blick Art Supplies to get you the best deal possible with the highest quality materials at the lowest cost. For Fall 2019, Foundation anticipates the cost of the kit to be around $465 (which is less than $70 per studio course). While the initial cost may seem high, remember that these supplies are sold to you at a great discount (up to 50% off retail value) and will give you the materials you will need to successfully complete your first year of studio courses. Buying these same items out of pocket would almost double the cost of your supplies. Please note that this is a required purchase and should be budgeted as a necessary college expense. Representatives will be on-campus the first day of Clearance and Orientation to distribute these kits.