Program Details

  • Spring Session: February 6 – April 10, 2021
  • Classes are Saturdays from 9 – 12 noon and 1 – 4 pm
  • Classes designed for students in grades 8 – 12

Each course creates a dynamic environment where students build self-confidence along with a foundation of creative and technical skills.

An impressive roster of instructors is led by Moore’s BFA faculty and certified art educators noteworthy for their experience, commitment and enthusiasm for teaching art and design to youth and high school students.

Course Guide for Spring 2021

Learn how to design characters for a variety of digital media, including film, animation, comics, and games. Discover the process of character development and secrets for bringing a character to life. The course covers digital character design foundations including staging, silhouette, posture, costume, color, and shapes in to create characters with human traits and emotions.

Tuition: $560 | Saturdays, 9 am – 12 noon EST

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This class will focus on building fine arts drawing and painting skills along with developing art concepts.  Various subjects including still life, interiors, and cityscapes will be explored. Projects will delve into the formal elements of art, such as line, space, scale, color and texture. Explore drawing and painting materials and techniques.

Tuition: $505 | Saturdays, 1 pm – 4 pm EST   

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In this class, the importance of good visual storytelling will be emphasized. Explore the best ways to convey your stories by using various illustration techniques and the visual language of graphic novels. Cover topics such as perspective, dynamic figure drawing and comic creation. This includes drawing systems such as multiple point perspectives, inking and pictorial storytelling.

Tuition: $560 | Saturdays, 1 – 4 pm EST

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Discover the ins and outs of foundations in fashion illustration, trends and styling. Learn how to style using color, shape and proportion; identify fashion trends and resources; and explore your personal aesthetic. Develop your sketchbook to express ideas and learn to illustrate style boards, concepts, figures to apply your creative skills in a range of applications for the fashion field.

Tuition: $505 | Saturdays, 9 am – 12 noon EST

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Focus on transforming ideas into creative artwork through a variety of exciting illustration projects that include comics-related subjects, science fiction themes, fantasy landscapes and mythical beasts. Emphasis is placed on exercising your imagination, using writing to enhance fanciful scenes, and experimenting with different materials and techniques.

Tuition $560 | Saturdays, 9 am – 12 pm EST   

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Build and develop a portfolio to take your creativity to the next level. This class focuses on skill-building exercises in composition, the human figure, realistic facial likeness and expressions. You will also learn presentation and communication skills to discuss your work and ACE any portfolio interview. In this class you will develop your personal vision and learn what is expected in a portfolio and creative careers.

Tuition: $505 | Saturdays, 1 – 4 pm EST

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The YAW online experience is as engaging and exciting for young artists as always, even in the virtual realm. We encourage those thinking about joining us for YAW in spring 2020 to contact the Continuing Education office at in order to discuss how we can help you find your place in this special program.