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SADI Program FAQ

We realize that students and parents might have questions about how our online SADI experience will differ from the typical SADI residential experience. Please peruse the list of frequently asked questions below, to see if your questions are answered on this page. If you have additional questions that are not listed here, please contact Moore’s Continuing Education Office at  


What does the SADI academic calendar look like? 

SADI 2020 will begin on Sunday, July 12 with a virtual orientation session for students and their families. Classes will then take place from Monday, July 13 to Friday, August 7, with a virtual Closing Ceremony on Saturday, August 8.  

When will classes be held each day? 

Classes will take place Monday through Friday each week from 9 am to 4 pm EST, with a one-hour lunch break from noon to 1 pm EST.  

What happens after classes are over each day? 

Depending on the day of the week, students will either receive a screen break or attend a virtual workshop or talk between 4 and 5 pm EST. After that, they will receive an hourlong dinner break, followed by Virtual Study Hall—a time when students can receive mentoring, do homework together, chat with each other about their assignments and work directly with SADI assistants, who are BFA students enrolled at Moore. On Wednesday and Friday events, special activities will be held after that time in collaboration with Moore’s Student Affairs department. 

How will online classes take place? 

Online classes will take place via Zoom. Students will receive an introduction to Zoom at the SADI Orientation on July 12. They will also receive instructions in advance about how to access each class via Zoom. Other platforms will be employed for online discussions and activities, such as Moodle and Discord. 

What format will lessons take and how will instructor feedback be given? 

SADI classes will be a mix of creative learning experiences, with feedback provided during scheduled class time and in non-classroom formats, such as one-on-one sessions, email or online discussion threads. Based on the respective subject matter, SADI participants will learn within a range of formats including small groups, critical discussions and demonstrations. 

What will the 2020 course schedule look like? 

The 2020 course schedule is as follows: 

Mondays: Animation 
Tuesdays: Foundation Studio I: Drawing 
Wednesdays: Illustration 
Thursdays: Foundation Studio II: Visual Thinking & Color Theory 
Fridays: Painting OR Game Design  

From Monday through Thursday, all students will attend the same classes. For Friday classes, each student will select between our Painting course or Game Design course at the time of registration. Take a deeper dive into digital or refine your fine art skills. 

For a list of electronic requirements for Animation and Game Design, please scroll down to the Art Supplies section of the FAQ.  

What will I learn in each of these courses? 

Foundation Studio I: Drawing: Develop your eye and explore important techniques for  drawing human figures, forms in nature, landscapes, interior spaces, abstract compositions and still-life setups. Learn to make the best creative choices through observation, critical evaluation and your own creative style. 

Foundation Studio II: Visual Thinking & Color Theory: Explore and investigate the  foundational elements of design: shape, line, color, space and movement. Conduct research to generate new ideas and to develop a deeper understanding of personal creative process and color expression. 

Animation: Enjoy animated films or developing stories and comics? Bring your ideas and sketches to life, using traditional and digital animation techniques to design unique characters and fascinating visual narratives. 

Illustration: Become adept at creating uniquely stylized artwork for telling stories, designing characters and developing scenes, from imagination to paper. You will experiment with various techniques and materials to find inventive ways of combining words, images and ideas. 

Painting: Create expressive artworks that harness the versatility of acrylic paint. You will explore how to depict and organize forms, colors and textures of both observed subjects and ideas from your imagination. 

Game Design: Explore digital and analog game-making as an inventive artist, storyteller and creator of fun. By designing and building original games, you will gain a thorough understanding of game structure, play experience and community gaming culture. 

Why is there less variety in classes this year? 

In order to accommodate our 2020 online format, we are unable to provide rigorous and robust instruction in certain courses that we normally offer during our residential SADI experience. The courses chosen for 2020 were based on popularity with students registered to date, and our faculty’s ability to provide the most robust academic experience in a remote/virtual setting. 

Who teaches SADI classes?

Courses are taught by experienced Moore faculty, who bring a tremendous amount of expertise and training in online art and design instruction. 

How many students are in each class?   

We will do our best to ensure that class sizes reflect best practices for online teaching and learning. 

Will I have homework?   

We encourage students to plan for at least two hours of studio work each day, and at least three hours over the weekend, in order to keep up with class assignments. 

Will I receive a grade in the course?  

Yes! Grades are issued for all students enrolled in SADI.  

Will I earn college credit?  

Yes! Students who successfully complete our SADI program will earn three undergraduate-level college credits. Students are graded for each class and may receive a transcript upon completion of the program. 

Am I allowed to be absent?  

Attendance will be taken at each SADI class. Students are expected to attend classes regularly and arrive on time, even in our virtual format. If you must miss a class session, you should notify your instructor in advance and arrange to make up all missed work. 


If I’m participating in SADI from home, how will I get the supplies I need? 

As a special bonus for students who register for SADI this year, you will receive FREE access to Adobe Creative Cloud and an exclusive SADI Essentials Kit. This kit is valued at over $400 and is FREE with registration, with 100+ high-quality art supplies from Blick Art Materials. You will receive the kit prior to the start of classes. 

What supplies are included in the SADI Essentials Kit? 

Your kit will include everything that you need for your SADI experience and beyond! It will include supplies for Foundation I and II and Illustration, as well as Painting.  

In your kit, you can expect to receive over 100 supplies and tools, including: 

  • Drawing pads 
  • Sketchbooks 
  • Colored pencils 
  • Chalk pastels 
  • Charcoal 
  • India ink 
  • Canvases  
  • Acrylic paints  
  • ...and much more! 

When you receive your SADI Essentials Kit in the mail, be sure to unbox and show off your haul on social media and tag us at @moorecollegeart with #mooresadi! 

What supplies do I need for Animation or Game Design, if any? 

For these courses, all you’ll need is your Adobe Creative Cloud account (which comes with registration to the program), access to a Laptop (Windows 10 macOS v10.13 through v10.15.), Google Drive, and a digital tablet (ex: Wacom, Huion). 

We know many students already own tablets but if you do not, we recommend this cost-effective solution from Huion, which will have all the functionality you need for these courses. Please note the delivery time required for shipment and plan to make your purchase prior to the start of classes so that you are prepared for the first day. Contact the Continuing Education Office at if you have any questions about obtaining this item. 


What activities are offered in SADI outside of class? 

Online activities scheduled outside of class will provide you with opportunities to meet other students and to bond as a cohort of young artists and designers. Some events relate to admission to degree programs and career exploration, while some are more focused on being creative together and having fun! All students will be given a calendar with all extracurricular activities during the virtual orientation on the first day of the program.  

In addition to classes, your SADI experience will include: 

  • Professional development workshops on home studio design, networking, college portfolio preparation and more 
  • Online talks and Q&As with Moore alumni now working in their fields of study 
  • Fun evening events where you’ll get to know your fellow SADI students, including movie screenings, bingo and trivia nights, video game nights and a culminating dance party! 
  • A closing ceremony where you’ll receive a certificate of completion and celebrate with family and your new friends 

What will the orientation and closing ceremony be like? 

The SADI virtual orientation will be held on Sunday, July 12. At this session, students and their families will have the opportunity to meet staff from Moore's Continuing Education department, as well as Admissions and Student Affairs departments, and hear about what to expect from the program this year.  

The SADI closing ceremony will be held on Saturday, August 8. Students and their families will be invited to participate and to celebrate our 2020 students, and certificates of completion will be handed out to students, in recognition of their accomplishment. 

What will the professional development workshops be like? 

Professional development workshops will be focused on providing SADI students with skills outside of the classroom. Topics will include college portfolio preparation, networking for artists, self-promotion and social media, and setting up a home studio practice. 

What will the alumni talks be like? 

We will invite Moore alumni to give special presentations and talk with SADI students about what they learned during their time at Moore and how they have been able to build successful creative careers in art and design. Students will have the opportunity to listen and ask questions at each event. Confirmed speakers include graphic designer and board game designer Brigette Indelicato; artist and illustrator Isabelle Staub; and author, illustrator and cartoonist Amy Ignatow. 

What kind of evening events will take place and when? 

Evening events will take place on Wednesday and Friday nights, in collaboration with Moore’s Student Affairs department. These events are an opportunity for students to take a break from their art and design work but to still be creative with each other and bond over fun activities. Confirmed evening events include movie screenings, bingo and trivia nights, video game nights (Animal Crossing and Minecraft, anyone?) and a culminating dance party! 

This seems like a lot of time on the computer! Will there be any breaks? 

Yes! We will provide no-screen breaks throughout the week to ensure that you have time to recharge your creative energies offline. 

Is there anything to do on the weekends? 

Weekends are more relaxed! We encourage you to practice your creative techniques and catch up on homework. We will provide you with resources and techniques to keep you inspired and to refine your studio practice. 


When is the registration deadline for SADI 2020? 

We have moved our registration deadline to June 15, 2020 in order to allot students and their families enough time to decide to attend SADI this year, given our pivot to a virtual format. Our previous registration deadline was June 1. Please visit the Enrollment page for more information on how to register.  

What is the cost for SADI tuition? 

Due to our virtual format and the lack of costs incurred through a residential experience, we have lowered our tuition cost to $3,000 for SADI’s 2020 program. This is a cost savings of over $2,600 from our residential SADI experience. 

In addition, students will receive FREE access to Adobe Creative Cloud and an exclusive, complimentary SADI Essentials Kit, featuring 100+ high-quality art supplies from Blick Art Materials, worth over $400, at no extra charge. 

Visit our Enrollment page for more information about how to register today! 

Who is eligible to enroll in SADI? 

SADI is a pre-college art and design program for young women artists in high school who are, at the time of the program in summer 2020, either rising sophomores (just completed 9th grade), rising juniors (just completed 10th grade) or rising seniors (just completed 11th grade). 

Are scholarships available for SADI? 

Our scholarship deadline was May 1, 2020. Contact the Continuing Education office for more information at  

Can international students register for the SADI program? 

Yes! We are happy to welcome students from all over the world, though students whose first language is not English must submit TOEFL or SAT scores. In addition, we ask that you note any time zone difference that may present a challenge with participation during regularly scheduled class and activity times. 

I enrolled in SADI 2020 prior to May and no longer wish to take part in the virtual program this year. What should I do? 

Prior registrants who do not wish to take part in the online version of SADI should contact the Continuing Education office at for information about next steps. 


Will the three credits I earn from SADI transfer over to my college?  

Most colleges accept the earned credits for SADI.  

How can I get my grade and transcript?  

Grades will be provided at the completion of the program. Official transcripts can be requested by contacting the Continuing Education office at  

Will I be eligible for a scholarship to Moore after completing SADI? 

Yes! Participating SADI 2020 students will be eligible for a $2,500 annual scholarship upon acceptance to Moore’s BFA program. Visit our Admissions page to learn more about Moore’s BFA program.