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The MA in Socially-Engaged Art program is a full-time on-campus curriculum designed to be completed in two semesters. Candidates are required to successfully complete courses totaling 30 credit hours and must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA.


Research Skills: A seminar focused on research techniques designed to look at Socially-Engaged Art and will conclude at the end of the semester with the MA Qualifying Review (in conjunction with the MFA critiques).

**Case Studies: This course begins with a deep dive “case study’ into the work of Mural Arts Philadelphia as an example of how to research specific instances of art in the world and then opens up towards the end of the course as students develop their own case studies on different projects, artists or organizations as a draft chapter for their thesis.

*Global Modernism: This art history seminar covers a range of foundational concepts and histories in their international manifestations including impressionism, collecting, imperialism, orientalism, ethnography, pop art and minimalism.

**Art, Life and Work: - A professional practice course that requires students to develop residency/grant/conference applications, develop a web presence and documentation of work, meet with lawyers and accountants and curators about their interaction with the artist. At the conclusion of this class a draft chapter of thesis is due.  

*Keys to the City: This special elective course emphasizes experiential learning through introducing students to a range of organizations and initiatives across the city, and then asks students to adapt those experiences into their art practice through expanded documentary techniques.


Theories of Engagement: A seminar for MA students to consider different strategies and tactics for engaging audiences and communities through socially-engaged art. This course will conclude with the submission of a chapter of the thesis.

*Ethics, Identity and Place: This seminar brings in considerations typically in the domain of disciplines such as law, social work, social science in dialogue with curatorial practice and socially-engaged art.

*Contemporary Art: A companion Art History seminar that builds on the conversation from the Global Modernism course and brings the inquiry up through the present moment.

**Thesis Writing Seminar: A course focused on writing a 25 written thesis and combining individual draft chapters into a coherent final piece of writing. The students also give a program-wide presentation on their thesis in conjunction with 1st-semester Qualifying Review.

*Project Management: An elective course designed to teach the tools of arts administration to both MFA and MA students.

(MA students only; *Taken with MFA in Socially-Engaged Studio Art 1st years; **Taken with MFA in Socially-Engaged Studio Art 2nd years)


Entering graduate students can transfer up to 3 credits of advanced, post-undergraduate level studio or technical-based electives from an accredited institution. All transfer credits must be a B level or higher. Coursework from Moore’s BFA program, Post-Baccalaureate program, and Continuing Education program are not eligible for transfer.