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Mission & Objectives


Graduate Studies builds on the esteemed legacy of Moore, offering graduate degrees to people of all identities intent on working in the fields of art, art education, museums, academia and disciplines and institutions that have yet to be created.

While specific questions and methods focus each degree program, these objectives run throughout our work: Access & Social Justice, Education & Engagement, Direct Connections & Support, Professional Practices, Place-Based Inquiry, and Public Programs.

In the pursuit of these objectives, we explore how they apply to making, representation, expression, formal experimentation, aesthetics and transformative art experiences.


Access & Social Justice

Our commitment to increased access to art works beyond structural barriers and narrowly defined audiences to create an art for all. We know that none of us can thrive unless we all can. Advocating for social justice is a commitment running through our work, drawing us into contact with diverse communities and an ongoing concern for inclusion and dialogue.

Education & Engagement

We encourage deep engagement that offers the experience of agency and self-directed learning through cross-curricular classes, personalized research and a thesis.

Direct Connections & Support

Through direct connections and support we cultivate students that want to grow and network as professionals in an intimate setting that treats them as individuals while encouraging community.

Professional Practices

Through focus on skills, theory and field experiences we commit to elevating the practices of our students and professionally-active faculty. We recognize that meaningful work is intimately connected to satisfaction in life.

Place-Based Inquiry

Through a celebration of local knowledge and richness in Philadelphia we recognize the resources that this place, and the places our students may come from or travel to, are integral to how we learn and do our work.

Public Programs

By making our work public through events and programs, we strive to communicate to the fields our students care about and to model a new kind of public-facing scholarship and artistic practice. This is explored through thematic symposia, lecture-series, conference presentations and partnering with external funders and organizations.