In 2015 Moore College of Art & Design’s newly inaugurated Social & Studio Practices graduate department co-convened with the Mural Arts Program “In/Out: Time, pacing and perspective in socially engaged art.” The summer symposium was co-organized by Daniel Tucker (Graduate Program Director in Social & Studio Practices) and Paul Farber (Mural Arts Program’s “Scholar in Residence”) and featured two keynotes by Rick Lowe and Walidah Imarisha. There were in-depth presentations by Chicago Torture Justice Memorials and Immigrant Movement International Corona, a panel of Philadelphia arts leaders on the theme of “The Long Now”, site visits at the Village of Arts and Humanities to see their People’s Paper Co-Op initiative,  the Neighborhood Time Exchange (a collaboration between Mural Arts/People’s Emergency Center), and a dinner party at Asian Arts Initiative. Documentation can be seen at

Photos by John Muse, Steve Weinik, and Laura Storck.