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Mural Arts & Community Partners

Moore’s Community Practice MFA and Social Engagement MA degree programs have been developed in collaboration with a number of community leaders and arts organizations. These partnerships allow our degree candidates to engage with some of the most vital and deeply rooted local arts organizations working in Philadelphia.


Mural Arts

Moore’s significant partnership with the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program provides a consistent organization for graduate degree candidates to learn and practice through. Beginning in the first term in a six-week summer intensive candidates will critically examine three Mural Arts projects selected to represent different levels of success. In a course taught by Mural Arts’ Executive Director, Jane Golden, and Shira Walinsky candidates will explore issues of authorship, social responsibility, ethics, and debate the effectiveness of community-based art.

During their final summer term, Social Engagement MA candidates will collaborate with Mural Arts on a summer symposium developed in collaboration with Moore’s Social & Studio Practice Department. During the second summer of the Community Practice program there will be a four-week immersive practicum entitled Philadelphia as a Laboratory under the guidance of Mural Arts, candidates will have access to project managers and gain invaluable insight by working alongside activists, community organizers and founders of nonprofit cultural organizations.

Through close proximity and ongoing exposure to the work of Mural Arts, candidates in these programs will have the opportunity to learn from historical case studies as well as in-progress projects that represent the organization’s embrace of ephemeral, participatory and formally-diverse practices. This unique access to one of the largest public art organizations in the country will provide Moore’s graduate candidates with a working relationship to an organization that believes “art heals, art unites, and art changes minds.”


Asian Arts Initiative

In the summer of 2015 our Community Practices MFA candidates will be participating in The Pearl Street Project, an initiative developed by Asian Arts Initiative in collaboration with the artist Rick Lowe of Project Row Houses (Houston, Texas). The course engaging in this collaboration will be taught by Jose Serrano-McClain, a community organizer with the Queens Museum of Art (Queens, NY).