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2018 MA in Art Education candidates Katherine Videira and Kat Lee during the Summer Intensive Studio. Credit: Academic Image for Moore College.


The MA in Art Education Program is designed to be completed in four semesters / 15 months (Summer I, Fall I, Spring I, Summer II) and must be completed within 27 months (2 years and 3 months). Candidates are required to complete 9 courses totaling 30 credit hours, and must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA.

Transfer Credit Policy
Entering graduate students can transfer up to 3 credits of advanced, post-undergraduate level studio or technical-based electives from an accredited institution. 
 All transfer credits are evaluated and approved by the Admissions and the appropriate Graduate Program Director. All transfer credits must be a B level or higher. Coursework from Moore’s BFA program, Post-Baccalaureate program, and Continuing Education program are not eligible for transfer.
 Transfer credits are not accepted after a student matriculates. Please read the MA in Art Education information about Non-Matriculating Students.

Entering With Art Certification 1st Year   

Summer I (9 credits earned during 6 weeks in July and August) 

Fall I (15 Weeks) 

Spring I (15 weeks) 

TOTAL     21.0 credits

2nd Year
Summer II (9 credits earned during 6 weeks in July and August)

TOTAL FOR DEGREE:  30.0 credits


The Concurrent Program is designed to be completed in seven semesters / 27 months (2 years and 3 months). Candidates must complete 19 courses totaling 58.5 credit hours and must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA


1st Year

Summer I (6 weeks in July and August) 

AEGR600  Contemporary Issues in Art Education  3.0

AEGR625  Studio Intensives: Independent Studios 3.0 

Total  6.0 credits


Fall I (15 weeks) 

AEGR617OL STEAM for Special Populations 3.0

ED321 Art Methods and Curriculum Development 3.0

ED326 Lab Experience and Practicum  1.5

ED316 ELL Through Art Education  3.0 

Total  10.5 credits 


Spring I (15 weeks)

ED313  Impact of Behavioral Sciences  3.0

ED322  Art Methodology and Curriculum  3.0

ED202  Engaging Students in Community Arts  3.0

ED327  Special Populations  3.0

Total  12.0 credits


2nd Year

Summer II: (6 weeks in July and August) 

AEGR605  Curriculum Development in Art Education  3.0

AEGR635  Legal Perspectives in Special Education  3.0 

Total  6.0 credits 


Fall II: (15 Weeks) 

AEGR618OL  Research Methodology  3.0

ED501  Student Teaching  9.0

ED501S  Student Teaching Seminar  0.0 

Total  12.0 credits


Spring II: (15 Weeks) 

AEGR620OL  Assessment Strategies  3.0

AEGR630BL  Independent Field Research for Thesis  3.0 

TOTAL   6.0 credits 


Summer III: (6 weeks in July and August) 

AHGR610  Visual Culture and Contemporary Aesthetics  3.0

AEGR700  Thesis  3.0

Total  6.0 credits


TOTAL FOR DEGREE:  58.5 credits


Art Education Post-Baccalaureate = 28.5 credits
Art Education Graduate = 30.0 credits