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Alexandra Ogle

MA Art Education

The creative processes that I have learned in the masters in Art Education have helped me to become more in tune with my students needs.  I have developed creative lesson plans that engage my students on deeper levels. I have also been able to delve deeper into designing more interactive digital presentations as well as utilizing a digital catalogue of student examples.  

As a result, my creative vision and teaching philosophy have grown immensely. I have learned that although the majority of the classes I took at Moore were geared towards helping students, the biggest change came from within. I had to read just how I worked, instructed, and presented information to my students so that they could clearly understand. 

My favorite memory of Moore is spending time between classes with my fellow classmates. These people have becoming my family and support system.   Being in Philadelphia was awesome!  We were able to go on field trips to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, other local galleries and museums, as well as have visitors come to speak to us.  

My future ambition is to continue teaching art. I love helping people and feel as if I make a difference when students tell me how much they love art and how it helps them relax.  It is amazing to watch young individuals tap into their creative processes and develop incredible works of art. 

My advice for future Moore students would be to use all of Moore's resources as much as possible. The people who work at Moore are irreplaceable. They are dedicated teachers and staff members who are here to help and won't stop until you have found a solution. Stick it out... The programs here are rigorous but worth it