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Fellowship and Assistantship

Graduate Funding through Fellowships and Assistantships                     

Moore College of Art & Design is now accepting applications for all Graduate Programs starting in fall 2018.

Moore offers Graduate Fellowship and Graduate Assistantship funding to support graduate candidates enrolled in our programs*. These awards are highly competitive, and applicants are required to submit all materials as soon as possible.

Fellowship functions similarly to undergraduate scholarships. Fellowship is applied directly toward tuition. Candidates who receive an Assistantship are thoughtfully employed at Moore College in a position that allows for growth and learning, while also advancing the mission of the institution. In these positions, students are paid monthly in exchange for the agreed upon work hours. Assistantship placements may be up to ten or twelve month positions. Examples of Assistantship placements are below, however, applicants are encouraged to consider their own unique skill sets, and to communicate suggestions for expanded placement possibilities:

  • The Galleries at Moore Assistant
  • 3D Lab Technician - traditional media
  • 3D Lab Technician - new media
  • Library and Archive Assistant
  • BFA Department Chairs Assistant
  • Marketing and Communications

There are no additional forms to be considered for Graduate Fellowship and Assistantship. All accepted applicants will be automatically considered by the Graduate Fellowship Committee. 

*Students must maintain full-time status to be eligible Fellowship or Assistantship.

Need more info? Contact Graduate Studies: or stop by the Admissions Office on the ground floor of Sarah Peter.​