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Graduate Studies

Be a Part of an Intimate Community

Distinctive in its integrated, intimate approach to advancing today’s visual art landscape and the field of art and design itself, Graduate Studies at Moore seeks to connect and educate artists of all walks of life united by their creative purpose.

Moore’s Graduate Studies community consists of unique programs in Socially-Engaged Art, Socially-Engaged Studio Art and Art Education with an Emphasis in Special Populations that prepare motivated people of all identities with the skills, knowledge and resources to become professional artists, designers and teachers. Made up of select students, faculty and staff, we test, perfect, invent and forever alter art practices and policies on a local and global scale.

Moore is located steps away from the world-renowned museums and Old City art galleries. Our proximity to the greater NYC area offers students a rich array of field research, networking and professional opportunities – just one more way Moore connects students like you to futures working in the art and design field.


Graduate Studies is committed to supporting a holistic experience for our Master’s Candidates. All programs make a concerted effort to hold classes Tuesdays through Thursdays*. This schedule allows for intensive studio and research practice, employment and internship opportunities, as well as art and cultural experiences throughout the City of Philadelphia.

*Special events including symposia, qualifying reviews, critiques, commencement, and exhibition openings, are often held on alternate days.  

Email with any questions about the process.  




Above and below photos by Academic Image and Steve Weinik